Jedediah Bila Blasts Media Who 'Coddle Politicians' After Jimmy Fallon's Hillary Clinton-Miley Cyrus Lovefest

"Dear politicians, Left and Right: If you can't handle tough questions, get off the stage," Bila says in a series of tweets.

Former "View" star Jedediah Bila seemingly took a shot at Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Fallon, politicians and TooFab all at once in a series of tweets on Thursday morning.

Bila was apparently turned off by our pickup of an emotional "Tonight Show" moment on Wednesday when Miley Cyrus started weeping while thanking the former Democratic presidential nominee for "being a constant beacon of strength, hope, and determination for me and millions of other young women."

"This is the kind of media treatment Hillary Clinton is used to," Bila quote-tweeted our story shared by TooFab managing editor Joseph Kapsch.

She then launched into the subject further, addressing politicians, media and "independent thinkers."

"Dear politicians, Left and Right: If you can't handle tough questions, get off the stage. People deserve answers," she tweeted. "Dear media: If you seek to coddle politicians,Left or Right, you not only do a disservice to viewers,but make all with a brain laugh at you."

"Dear independent thinkers," she added. "Don't change. It's easy to pledge allegiance to a Party. It's hard to fight the system as you do. Stand tall."

Bila, who left "The View" unexpectedly on Sept. 18, has not yet responded to TooFab's request for further comment.

Viewers of the show were shocked by Bila's sudden exit, since she had just resigned a contract with the ABC talker. Reports subsequently surfaced speculating that Bila's line of "tough" questioning for Clinton during the Sept. 13 episode somehow played into the decision for ABC brass to push her out. Meghan McCain is set to take over the slot vacated by Bila this month.

(Editor's note: TooFab agrees and encourages free thinking, regardless of political party affiliation. We also had a hunch Miley Cyrus fans may want to see her emotional tribute to Clinton, because regardless of political party affiliation, it was a pop culture moment.)

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