Inside the RHOC Season 12 Reunion

A mother/daughter rift and a failed marriage take center stage during the "Real Housewives of Orange County' Season 12 reunion.

Things quickly got emotional for the Real Housewives of Orange County as Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador updated viewers on the family strife we glimpsed this season.

During Part 1 of the Season 12 reunion, which aired Monday night with Andy Cohen mediating the event, Judge opened up about that infamous photo of her daughter Sidney's high school graduation that caused the current deep rift in their relationship.

"I stupidly posted a picture of her and I on graduation, which she had asked me not to do," she said.

Judge went on to say she posted the photo because Sidney's graduation was something she'd been thinking about for years. "It was the next milestone in her life that I didn't want to miss. And when I was invited, I was so grateful. I was so happy. But then I started thinking, 'Why am I not helping her? Why am I not picking out the dress? Why am I not planning it?' It's just so hurtful."

"I was just so hurt, I was so hurt," she said. "There were so many horrible stories that were coming out and I was impulsive."

Judge and her daughter have had a strained relationship since she split with husband Simon Barney in 2011, leaving them with joint custody of their kids Spencer, Sophia and Sidney. Sidney later went to live with her father full-time.

The mother and daughter seemed to be trying to patch things up when the family reunited for Sidney's high school graduation, but then Sidney revealed in a Facebook rant that she told her mother not to share the photos on social media. "When I told my mother that she could come I gave her a few conditions. All I asked was that she remains cordial with my father and my stepmom and to not post anything about my graduation, anywhere."

Sidney continued, "Not even two weeks after I graduated she posted a photo of me and shared it with her one million followers knowing that it would get picked up by the press. The one thing I asked and have been asking for four years now has been to not talk about me because I don’t want to be in the spotlight. But Again breaking her promises as per usual, she puts herself, her fame, her reputation, and her bank account before me. If she really wanted a relationship she would keep her promises and recognize that it is no one else's fault but hers that I do not want her in my life."

During the RHOC reunion, Judge denied accusations that she neglected her kids and was putting her fame and career ahead of her daughter. "If I had done something absolutely horrible to her to warrant this, I'd get it. But I was nothing but a loving mother. That's it."

Meanwhile, Shannon Beador, who has been separated from her husband David Beador since September, admitted to Andy Cohen and her "RHOC" co-stars that the marriage of 17 years was officially beyond repair.

"I said to David when he told me it was over, 'What happened? We had a couple of amazing years,'" she said tearfully. "And he goes, 'We had a couple good months.' It was just a knife in the heart."

While she said his decision came as a shock, there were signs that things were falling apart. "I did have a conversation with him at the beginning of the summer that I just couldn't keep living this way. For months he lived in the separate end of the house. It was like I was living with a stranger."

Describing the moment when she knew it was over, she said, "We went on a trip to Hawaii which I kind of hoped would bring us back together, but he left the trip early. And when I came home, he said, 'We're done.'"

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