Woman Accusing Trump of Sexual Misconduct Speaks Out on CNN: 'Why Is He Immune to This?'
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"I think we're forgotten by people who want to put party above all else and that's sad," Trump's accuser says.

One of 13 women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct appeared on CNN Monday morning to express her disappointment in the lack of concern about the president's alleged bad behavior.

Rachel Crooks, who claimed more than a year ago that Trump forcibly kissed her without her consent when she was a 22-year-old receptionist at Trump Tower, said she now feels forgotten as sexual harassment allegations of varying degrees of severity flood Hollywood, the media and Capitol Hill.

"I'm so thankful that women are having enough courage to come forward, but yes, I do feel forgotten," Crooks said. "I mean, you can't help but wonder why people aren't talking about Trump and the people that came forward for him and why is he immune to this? I think we're forgotten by people who want to put party above all else and that's sad, because this should be bigger than politics."

"I thought people would take it seriously," she added about her own complaint. "I mean, being the president of the United States is such a highly regarded position, you want someone, I think, of good character and this is obviously evidence not of that. He certainly has some flaws and I thought people would, I don't know, take that into account at the polls. I think it's just evidence of sort of the political atmosphere these days. We're forgotten by politicians who think it's more convenient to keep Trump is office, you know, have him just sweeping his indiscretions under the rug."

Crooks new interview came a day after Billy Bush -- who was fired for laughing at Trump's infamous "grab them by the pussy" remark on a 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape -- wrote an op-ed in The New York Times confirming it was indeed the president's voice. Looking back, Crooks believes the audio is proof that Trump was "basically admitting to the behavior" that she had become a victim to.

Crooks said she would love to see Congress start an official investigation into the many claims against the president for sexual misconduct, but if that doesn't happen, she just hopes she can get an apology and that people will actually consider his behavior in the next election.

"That would be great," Crooks said. "That would be a wonderful first step for him to acknowledge his behavior and apologize. I would definitely welcome that."

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