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"Honestly, I was scared to look her in the eyes," Medas tells TooFab.

Jeremiah Buoni and Nilsa Prowant's verbal altercation during a family meeting exploded into an all-out war over who is more disrespectful on Monday's episode of "Floribama Shore."

It all started when Jeremiah's love interest Kayla Jo told some of the cast that she was a Wiccan who "believed in a higher spirit besides God" and Prowant, who has desperately tried to get Buoni to hook up with her, started to become obsessed with the idea that she might be a witch. Having enough of the drama, Buoni called a family meeting to clear the air.

TooFab talked to cast member Kirk Medas, who said that although he wasn't taking sides, he's over Prowant's "entitled" personality.

"I wasn't really on anyone's side. I was kind of just spectating," Medas told TooFab. "But I mean Nilsa does feel entitled for some weird reason and I don't think [Jeremiah] was disrespecting her at all, it was more so that she was disrespecting him and she just feels entitled, which is kind of annoying."

"I just feel like Nilsa puts herself on this pedestal and thinks the dudes are being disrespectful, when really we're not," he added. "Respect is earned. If you're going to talk to us in a certain way, we're going to talk back."

Even though Medas is no longer feeling Prowant, he does agree that Kayla Jo has got to go.

"It kinda freaked me out. I didn't want any spells casted on me or anything," Medas said. "Honestly, I was scared to look her in the eyes. I felt like she was like Medusa and I might turn into stone. She was freaky. I had such a bad vibe around her. Everyone felt a little off about her except for Jeremiah and Gus because Jeremiah was attracted to her and Gus thought that she was sweet."

According to Medas, he didn't have to worry about getting turned into stone for too much longer since the drama eventually got the best of his roommate's summer fling.

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