Late-Night Hosts LOL at Donald Trump's Diet Coke Addiction
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"12 cans of Diet Coke a day? Even the Wolf of Wall Street was like, 'Dude, that's a lot of coke,'" James Corden said.

Late-night hosts were shook Monday night over the new allegations that President Donald Trump watches eight hours of television and drinks 12 Diet Cokes per day.

"12 cans of Diet Coke a day? Even the Wolf of Wall Street was like, 'Dude, that's a lot of coke,'" late-night host James Corden said.

According to the New York Times, the President has a button to summon White House staff to fetch him the tasty beverage throughout the day.

See what else Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Corden said about Trump's unhealthy lifestyle.

"The Late Late Show with James Corden"

After comparing Trump's Coke addiction to the Wolf of Wall Street's cocaine habit, the CBS late-night host joked that North Korea "has launched their new weapons program," then cut to a kid dropping a Mentos in a Diet Coke, prompting an explosion of fizz.

But it wasn't just the gross quantity of Diet Coke that concerned the late night host, Corden also couldn't believe the President watches 4-8 hours of television per day.

"Speaking as someone who hosts a television show, I want to say that's too much TV," Corden said. "I don't want to say Trump watches too much TV, but he just asked Congress for a $10 million budget increase for the NCIS team."

Corden then showed a real tweet from the president denying the exaggerated claim, while also noting that he never watches CNN reporter Don Lemon because he's the "dumbest man on television." So the late-night host joked that the president continued to hate tweet about other shows on air right now.

"I also never watch 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' every Sunday night, especially now that Phaedra is off the show and they won't make Marlo a full-time housewife even though she was the only one there for NeNe when her bun was falling out in San Francisco," the fake tweet read. "And Marlo was also there when she, Porsha and Sheree threw Kenya a fake wedding since they didn't get to go to Kenya's 'real' wedding to her 'real' husband. Seriously Kenya, it has been 6 episode since you 'claimed' you got married and we still haven't seen him. WHO IS HE?? Bad Real Housewifing."

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

Fallon said Trump's lifestyle seems "more like a college kid who just got home for winter break" than the President of the United States.

"It's like, 'Can I have another one, Mom?' I gotta watch 'Riverdale' Mom," Fallon said, impersonating a teenager.

The late-night host then rolled a mashup of Trump's 12 worst moments in the public eye to show how even one less can of the bubbly drink can really effect his daily behavior.

"It's the 12 Cokes of Christmas," Fallon joked.

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

Amid several women coming forward accusing Trump of sexually harassing them, Colbert believes Trump is drowning his sorrows in his favorite refreshing drink.

"Which explains Diet Cokes new slogan: Diet Coke. 12 is too many," Colbert said.

"I could go for one right now. They're delicious," the late-night host added.

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