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"So call me a b-tch, I really don't f-cking care," actress says to her followers on social media.

Sarah Hyland went off on fans who trolled her for calling out CVS for making her wait too long for her medication.

"I would really, really appreciate it if you would all stop telling me to be an irresponsible, privileged millennial, because that is everything that I am not, so f-ck you," Hyland said in a video posted to Twitter Wednesday.

Her most recent clap back at Twitter trolls came after the 27-year-old actress, who underwent a kidney transplant in 2012, went back and forth with the drugstore chain for lying about when the medication would be ready. According to Hyland, she already waited to get her antibiotic for two days and if she has to wait any longer, she could need dialysis.

Hyland has fought a lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia, a condition in which a baby's kidneys don't develop properly in the womb. But it's not just about her pain. The "Modern Family" star further explained Wednesday that when she initially spoke up about her issues with the drugstore, many of her fans reached out to her with their own complications at CVS stores around the world. Hyland pledged that she also shared their stories with the manager to prove that it's not a local issue. "I didn't just tell him my story, I read him tweet after tweet after tweet of everyone that told me their story, whether it was insurance wouldn't cover your asthma medication, whether it was they calling in a prescription and you had to wait three weeks for transplant medications for your wife, I read every story that I wrote on Twitter to him, to show him that this wasn't just a regional thing, that it wasn't just this location, that it was a nation-wide issue with CVS and he needs to go to corporate and tell them what I have told them," she said. Hyland said she felt the need to make the video because she wanted her fans to know that she wasn't being selfish, she just felt a "responsibility to say something" since she has the privilege of getting in contact with the right people to make picking up a prescription a smoother experience for everyone. In another video, Hyland said: "I would also like to say for everyone else who has dealt with CVS problems, I feel your pain. Thank you so much for reaching out and telling me yours so that I don't feel like a crazy person. You guys are sweet and awesome. I'm also just in a bad mood because I'm in a lot of pain. So call me a b-tch, I really don't f-cking care." View Photos Getty The Most Savage Celebrity Clapbacks