Catt Sadler Urges Fans Not to 'Place Blame' on Jason Kennedy After Quitting E! Over Pay Disparity
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Blame the E! executives who decide salaries, instead.

Catt Sadler wants her fans to know that Jason Kennedy is not at fault with her decision to quit E! News over "massive" pay disparity.

"If I had one ask, it is to please not place blame on my friend Jason Kennedy," the former "Pop Daily" host wrote in a length Instagram post on Thursday. "He has done right by me in every respect. It hurts me deeply to see that some are vilifying him. I repeat, his hands are tied on this matter and if you're angry - rightfully so - direct that emotion at the decision makers who failed us, not him."

The 43-year-old former E! anchor's plea for fans to stop bombarding Kennedy with nasty tweets (see below) came with a picture of quote, "Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes." Half the message was also a big thank you to the support she's received since announcing her decision to ditch the network.

"I couldn't let another minute go by without acknowledging the overwhelming love and support I've been receiving the last 24 hours," she started the message. "Leaving E was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, but your messages and heartfelt comments are comforting and affirm for me that I made the right decision. So many of you have similar stories, similar struggles, legitimate frustrations and I want you to know I hear you and feel for you. As a result, I have a renewed sense of purpose and genuine passion to right the wrongs. We are stronger together and I feel your strength at my core."

Sadler posted a lengthy essay Wednesday announcing her decision on her official website. After 12 years with the company, Sadler said she learned during a recent contract renegotiation that her co-host was making roughly twice her salary.

Kennedy simply tweeted, "I hate goodbyes but I’ll save it for the show tonight, love you so much pal, really going to miss you."

The anchor also tweeted a video saying goodbye to his former co-host with Sam Smith's "Too Good At Goodbyes" playing in the background.

Here's a sampling of the blame that has been hurled at Kennedy since Sadler left E!.

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