Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Trash Trump After Congress Passes GOP Tax Bill
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"You watch more TV than a sixth-grader at home with the flu," Seth Meyers says after Trump celebrates passing of tax overhaul.

Late-night hosts not on a holiday hiatus blasted President Donald Trump in Wednesday night after Republican lawmakers passed the GOP tax bill.

"Republicans finally passed his tax bill, which means Trump's about to sign his first major piece of legislation. Yep, his chest was puffed out so far his tie was actually at a normal length," NBC star Jimmy Fallon said.

The GOP tax plan that includes yuge tax cuts for the wealthy was approved in Congress, which means it's now headed to the Oval Office for the president to sign off on before becoming an official law.

See what Seth Meyers and Fallon had to say about the historic GOP tax plan.

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

After Fallon delivered his joke about Trump's puffed chest and tie, he followed it up with an impression of the president: "Wow, that's at my waist. Amazing. Look down there. I can hold water. I can drink water with one hand. I don't feel like tweeting. I'm a new man."

The late-night host then easily debunked a few analogies the GOP has been using to justify the tax overhaul, which gives most of tax cuts to wealth corporations. One popular phrase has been that the tax plan will be like "pouring rocket fuel into the engine of our economy."

"If you've ever poured rocket fuel into a regular engine, you know, it ruins the engine," Fallon said.

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"

Meyers thought it was interesting that Trump continuously ensured Americans that his new tax plan would be the greatest gift for the middle class because it would force billionaires like him to pay more.

But according to many recent public speeches that Meyers re-aired, Trump claimed that he didn't care.

"We definitely believe that you don't care," Meyers said. "You're by far our most checked-out president. I mean, James Garfield worked harder than you after he was assassinated."

"You watch more TV than a sixth-grader at home with the flu," the NBC late-night host added. "Trump watches so much TV, we're like a week away from him tweeting about 'The Price is Right.'"

Meyers continued his closer look segment by calling out Senator John Cornyn, who like Trump, stretched the definition of the middle-class to make the tax plan more favorable.

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