‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Star Hailee Steinfeld Almost Nails ‘Mean Girls’ Santa Dance
"Mean Girls" Cast -- Then & Now

"If you know ... you know," the "Most Girls" singer captioned the performance that ended in an abrupt fit of laughter.

We'll give Hailee Steinfeld an "A" for effort for her nearly flawless send-up of the classic "Mean Girls" Christmas dance she posted to her Instagram page. She was doing great until suddenly she wasn't.

The "Most Girls" singer didn't don the red-and-white "naughty" Mrs. Claus outfits Lindsay Lohan and the Plastics wore in the film for her take on "Jingle Bell Rock," opting instead for gold sequins. But while she didn't capture their look perfectly, she absolutely nailed the sexy attitude.

"If you know ... you know," Steinfeld captioned the short video, with no direct references to the Lindsay Lohan film. This was clearly an insider moment she was sharing with those ... well, in the know.

If you know...you know. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! 😂❤🤶🏻🎄🎁

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Let's be honest, though, who really doesn't know "Mean Girls" at this point? It was such a pop culture juggernaut it almost made "fetch" happen. We said almost, Gretchen, calm down! God!

Hailee Steinfeld got her big break in entertainment for her acting skills, earning an Academy Award nomination for her work in 2010's "True Grit." Maybe a big-screen sequel to "Mean Girls" isn't such a bad idea after all, if Steinfeld were willing to get on board. Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried could all come back to the school for their 10-year class reunion and get taken down by the next generation of Plastics.

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