Robert De Niro Trashes Trump in Expletive-Filled Rant and Twitter Gets Ugly
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De Niro is called both a "f-cking legend" and a "dumbass" as Twitter passionately divides along party lines for and against his speech.

Robert De Niro may have been at the National Board of Review gala Tuesday night to introduce Meryl Streep, but he took advantage of the moment to lay into President Donald Trump, dropping the kinds of expletives that would cramp the fingers of network censors.

As expected, Twitter exploded with passionate and ugly responses coming from both sides of the political spectrum.

In his short speech, De Niro described the current world as "suffering from Donald Trump," going on to say "This f-cking idiot is the president. It's the Emperor's New Clothes; the guy is a f-cking fool."

De Niro alternately called the president "our baby-in-chief" and the "jerkoff-in-chief," while discussing the current attacks on the press "through outrageous attacks and lies." The response, like then, De Niro finds heartening. "The press is distinguishing itself with brave, exacting journalism," he said.

Streep's latest film, "The Post," offered De Niro the opportunity for presidential criticism, as it details the Nixon administration's attempts to shut down the press in regards to exposing government lies about Vietnam. Today, the press is under a barrage of "fake news" allegations from Trump's administration, facing criticism and fire like it hasn't since ... well, the Nixon administration.

See the full transcript of De Niro's speech below, and the ugly and heated partisan divide among his online critics and supporters:

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