Lisa Rinna Almost Didn't Recognize Brandi Glanville Either: 'I Was Like, Who Is This?'
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This comes less than a week after Gerard Butler said he had "no idea" who Glanville was when they hooked up.

There must be something in the air at Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" studio because Lisa Rinna said she almost didn't know who Brandi Glanville was either when she ran into her.

Following an incredibly cringe-worthy Gerard Butler interview that took place on "WWHL" just last week -- where the "300" actor said he had "no idea" who Brandi was when he slept with her -- Rinna said she almost "didn't recognize" Brandi when she saw the "RHOBH" alum at a Christmas party.

"She came up to me, and I didn't recognize her at first 'cause it was this woman in this Santa suit, so I was like, 'Who is this?'" Rinna told Andy Tuesday night.

"And my eyes -- they're not that great anymore -- so she literally got this close to me, and I went, 'Oh my God, that's Brandi Glanville!'" the current "RHOBH" cast member said. "And she sat down and she started talking to me, and I just talked to her. And then she went and talked to Harry. And we had a civil conversation. Go figure! It was really nice. It was really lovely, actually."

Andy then asked Rinna if there was ever any bad blood between the two.

"Oh, no, she didn't like me," Rinna said. "Oh, she did not like me. Are you kidding?! Hellooooo. Come, back, Andy. Yeah, not good."

Here's everything Rinna had to say about her "RHOBH" co-stars -- past and present.

Lisa Vanderpump

When a caller asked Rinna why she lets Lisa Vanderpump take so many jabs at her, Rinna said it's reciprocal.

"Oh, sweetie, that's what we do," Rinna replied. "We jab each other back and forth!"

When Andy pointed out that the two Lisas "seem to have a very playful thing going this season," Rinna agreed.

"I enjoy nothing more than taking the piss out of Lisa Vanderpump, and I think vise versa," she said. "So it might look like she's taking a lot of jabs -- and she is -- but you know what? I get her back, trust me."

Andy then showed Rinna a photo of Vanderpump from Season 1.

"Who's that? Is that Lisa Vanderpump?" Rinna said laughing. "Oh, oh! I recognize Giggy."

Dorit Kemsley

A fan asked Rinna who in Beverly Hills she thought did the worst job of "owning it," and Rinna had her answer ready to go.

"Probably Dorit," she said. "In all fairness."

Erika Girardi

When a caller asked Rinna if she believed Erika Girardi and Dorit's newfound friendship was genuine, Rinna gave a somewhat surprising answer.

"Actually, I think it is for real, and I really like seeing it," she said. "As you watch the season, you're gonna see a lot of dynamics change, and people are gonna come and go in their relationships, and I think that the Dorit-Erika [friendship] is really quite nice."

Kyle Richards

Andy pulled up a photo of Kyle Richards from Season 1 and asked Rinna how Kyle has changed.

"Kyle's richer," Rinna said. "She's a lot richer."

Kim Richards

Andy did the same thing and pulled up a photo of Kyle's sister, former "RHOBH" star Kim Richards.

"Next!" Rinna said immediately.

Camille Grammer

"Oh, I liked Camille in Season 1," Rinna said. "Where is that girl? Bring her back!"

Adrienne Maloof

"I liked Adrienne in Season 1," Rinna said. "I don't know her that well, so I just liked what I saw. She's very outspoken."

Taylor Armstrong

"Ohhh, you know, I feel like she -- I just want to hug her," Rinna said. "I wanna give her a big hug."

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