The Evolution of Milo Ventimiglia -- 'Gilmore Girls' to 'This is Us'

Some fans took to adding "This Is Us" references to Wikipedia's page for "smoke inhalation" like, "can be avoided if you don't go back in for the dog."

Even though they've known it was coming for a year or so now, Jack Pearson's (Milo Ventimiglia) death on "This Is Us" still managed to absolutely shatter its fandom with the post-Super Bowl episode that revealed how he passed. They say laughter is the best medicine, so clearly fans were coping as best they could, based on some of their hilarious reactions.

With the Super Bowl a pivotal event in the Pearson family, it was more than just a publicity stunt to tell the story on that night -- but it was also totally a publicity stunt! What many didn't expect, was just how much Jack's death would mean to them. Much of this has to do with Mandy Moore's tour de force performance in the moments between learning Jack had died and fully accepting that Jack had died. Some fans are still struggling with the latter.

It wasn't the fire that killed Jack directly, as most had speculated since we saw evidence of the fire in the Season 2 premiere. He survived the fire, despite rushing back in to save Kate's dog and some precious family heirlooms, but the smoke inhalation led to a massive heart attack.


Rebecca had stepped outside of his room for just a few minutes, to book a hotel room, check on the kids and buy Jack a candy bar. And why shouldn't she? The doctors had basically given Jack the all-clear that he was going to be fine. For one fleeting moment as the nurses erupted into action behind her, Rebecca could hear Jack say her name in her ear. It would take seeing his body for reality to sink in. For some fans, they're still waiting.

Possibly the most creative expression of grief was how aggressively some fans trolled the "smoke inhalation" page on Wikipedia, littering it with references to Jack and "This Is Us." Below are some of the funniest responses to one of the saddest moments in TV history.

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