'RHOBH' Tea Time: Lisa Vanderpump Storms Out on Dorit and Kyle: 'I'm Not Dealing With This Bullsh-t'
'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 8

"That is not behavior of an adult," Dorit says after Lisa storms off.

On Tuesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," viewers saw a side of Lisa Vanderpump even Lisa Vanderpump is not used to seeing: Her losing her cool.

Quick flashback to last week to set up tonight's events: Dorit Kemsley and newcomer Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave previously got into a heated discussion over glassware at PK's 50th birthday party. Lisa tried helping Dorit explain her side of the situation, while Kyle stood next to Teddi, helping her explain hers. Dorit felt Kyle was choosing sides by speaking on Teddi's behalf, and when Kyle pointed out that Lisa was doing the same thing, Dorit denied it.

The topic reared its ugly head again on Tuesday while Kyle, Dorit and Lisa were at dinner together. Kyle tried desperately to explain that the reason she got involved was to help "diffuse the situation," but she ultimately ended up in tears because she felt Lisa and Dorit were "attacking" her.

When Dorit walked over to console Kyle, Lisa got up and announced she was leaving. "OK, I'm going," she said, grabbing her purse. "I waited half an hour for you guys. I'm out of here."

When Dorit asked Lisa why she was upset, Vanderpump simply replied, "because I am." In a confessional, Lisa later said she was left because Kyle was "crying over nonsense."

"She's mad 'cause you're talking to me and not her," Kyle said to Dorit before they followed her outside.

"I'm not dealing with this bullshit," Lisa said. "I'm f-cking tired. For you to start saying that [Dorit] and I will come and bite your head off when that has never happened -- I'm going home. You guys figure it out. I'm going home to my husband who'd rather spend time with me tonight than you would."

A shocked Kyle and Dorit went back inside to discuss what had just happened.

"It's annoying to me that she just left right now because she knows I'm upset," Kyle said. "If she's not the focus then she just f-cking leaves?"

Dorit agreed with Kyle, adding, "Those 5 minutes that the attention wasn't directed at her upset her. That is not behavior of an adult. I feel like I don't even have those issues with my 3-year-old." She also said that Lisa has made comments in the past about how Dorit doesn't pay enough attention to her when they're in group settings.

"Lisa needs a lot of attention, and I think that goes back to the fact that her parents didn't give her much attention and she wasn't told 'I love you,'" Dorit told Kyle. "That's 100 percent it."

The three got into it again when all the women gathered at Teddi's beach house, but the beef was squashed ... for now.

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