How the New 'Queer Eye' Fashion Consultant Would Make Over Donald Trump
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The "Queer Eye" reboot's style guru, Tan France, wants President Donald Trump to stop hiding under his clothes.

The "Queer Eye" reboot's Tan France wouldn't mind getting his hands on President Donald Trump, purely for fashion purposes.

TooFab caught up with France before Wednesday's premiere of the Netflix show, which updates the original concept of 2003's Fab 5 -- experts in food & wine, interior design, culture, grooming and fashion giving straight men makeovers -- by having a new quintet transform the lives of eight men in Georgia.

France was confident in sprucing up the looks of the series' more conservative-leaning subjects, and he would feel no differently walking into Trump's closet.

"The one thing I would want to do for him is to get him a well-fitting suit," France told TooFab. "He wears suits that are really off-fitting."

France blamed Trump's ill-fitted tailoring on a problem that runs deeper than lazy measurements.

"I know it's probably because he's self-conscious of his body, but I don't think that's the way you dress a body that you're not happy with," France said. "Hiding it under very loose clothing, I don't think that helps at all."

But France wouldn't want to simply give Trump an image update.

"The reason we say that we would want to makeover Trump is because as you see on the show, we manage to change some real opinions out there ... in a lifelong way," France said. "And I would love to have a sit down conversation, or actually a whole week where we get to give him the Fab 5 treatment."

One example of a lifelong changed opinion came with episode three's subject, Cory; a police officer who owns a "Make America Great Again!" hat.

At the end of the episode, Cory confessed the most memorable moment of his week was his car ride with culture expert Karamo Brown. In the car, Brown told Cory how his 16-year-old son was scared to get his license; he feared someone of Cory's profession would pull him over and shoot him for being black.

"This was the first time he ever really spoke to a black person on an equal level where he wasn't just a cop approaching a black person," France said. "I think he was just expecting to look pretty at the end of it. I think he was shocked at the emotional transformation of this episode."

France was also the first Middle Eastern man and immigrant Cory had ever met or spoken to.

"This gave him an opportunity to really ask me a thousand questions and we could ask him questions and try and find common ground. I don't think he was expecting this to happen at all. I think he was just expecting to look pretty at the end of it. I think he was shocked at the emotional transformation of this episode."

The officer is now great friends with the Fab 5, according to France. He said Cory Instagram messages them every week, still seeking their Fab 5 expertise on fashion and food.

"He's apparently going to be running for local office soon," France said. "I don't think he has the same political opinions as he did when he first met us."

Like Cory, maybe France could make Trump cry. France is certainly confident enough in the Fab 5 treatment.

"We do it with heart, we do it with love and I think that's how we managed to convince every one of these men that we are just like them," France said.

Check out Tan France and the rest of the new Fab 5 on the first season of "Queer Eye," currently streaming on Netflix.

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