One of Kim Kardashian's Famous Haters Slams Topless Photo Taken by Daughter as 'Pathetic and Creepy'
Inside All of Kim Kardashian's Naked Selfies

The British TV personality can't stop bashing the reality TV star for her recent string of sexy photos.

Piers Morgan believes Kim Kardashian's latest topless selfie is "pathetic and creepy."

The British TV personality is no stranger to criticizing Kim for regularly putting her body on display on social media, but this time was disturbed by who took the photo.

"Kim Kardashian now posting topless photos of herself taken by her 4-year-old daughter. Pathetic and creepy," Morgan tweeted earlier this week after the photo went viral.

Kardashian has received a lot of backlash since crediting her backless photograph with a nude bra just barely covering her breasts in front of her young daughter.

The ladies of "The View" all agreed Friday that the photo is "tacky and wrong." Guest host Nancy Grace even went as far to allege that child services would be knocking on Kim's door if she wasn't so famous.

It was just five days ago that Morgan trolled Kim on his British morning TV show for sending him one of her fragrances because he's one of her most hated celebrities.

"I'm in there with Sharon Osbourne, Taylor Swift and there I am, the only male representative," Morgan explained. "I'll be sent one of her perfumes in a giant chocolate box."

"I'm actually quite relived," he added. "The chocolate will probably overpower the smell of the scent."

In response, Morgan created and sent his own "powerful" fragrance called Provocateur, which he hopes "stinks so much it will ruin her entire year." Other stars he plans to send it to include Emily Ratajkowski, J.K. Rowling and Madonna.

Before that, Morgan argued "Times Up" for Kim.

"She's like, 'Ay, look at me. Look at me. Me Too. Times Up.' Time should be up for Mrs. Kardashian," Morgan said, referring to the widespread movement campaigning against sexual harassment and assault. "I don't know what she adds to the movement really. The only thing moving is her breasts."

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