Diane Keaton Imagines Having Sex With Coldplay's Chris Martin on 'Ellen'
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After telling Ellen DeGeneres that she doesn't have a sex life, Diane Keaton says Chris Martin could be the one to change that.

Diane Keaton is adorably obsessed with Chris Martin, and we're obsessed with her obsession.

After meeting Coldplay's lead singer at one of Ellen DeGeneres' recent parties, Keaton couldn't help but gush over her celebrity crush when she stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Tuesday.

In fact, Keaton is so swoon, almost all of her answers on Ellen's "Most Interesting Questions" segment had to do with Martin.

"Name a word to describe your sex life," Ellen said to Keaton.

After giggling incessantly, she said, "Well, I mean, do you want me to be honest? I would say I don't have one. You know? Like, it's gone. I don't participate in that."

Ellen then proceeded to move on to the next question when Keaton blurted out, "Well maybe sometimes, you know? On occasion. Well, let's think about it. I mean, give me a break. What about -- Chris might someday be--"

"So if he were interested, you would be?" Ellen asked.

"If he were interested," Keaton said, laughing hysterically. "He'd need to call me up, or -- oh, dear. That was fun to think about!"

Then Ellen asked, "Name something you'd never find in your house."

Still laughing, Keaton managed to make out the words, "Chis Martin."

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