Bill Gates Proves on 'Ellen' That Rich People Have No Idea How Much Groceries Cost
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Bill Gates tells Ellen DeGeneres he thinks Totino's pizza rolls much!?

Billionaires: They're not just like us.

Bill Gates proved on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday in a "Price Is Right"-type guessing game that he has little to no awareness for how much groceries cost.

While the Microsoft founder openly admitted he hasn't taken a trip to the supermarket in "a long time," it was pretty stunning to see him be so far off while trying to guess the prices of basic household products, like Rice-A-Roni, Tide laundry detergent, dental floss, Totino's pizza rolls and TGI Fridays frozen spinach and artichoke dip.

To be fair, he at least nailed the dental floss -- but $5 for rice? $4 for Tide Pods? $22 for microwavable pizza rolls?

We'll forgive him because his accuracy of dental floss suggests he puts health before junk food, so he probably would never even consider putting half these products in his body in the first place (although Tide Pods have proven to be tempting for an alarming amount of Americans). And we assume when billionaires eat pizza rolls, they're handcrafted out of literal large pizzas and prepared by Wolfgang Puck in their private kitchens.

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