Brandi Glanville Drags 'Narcissist' Amber Portwood, Shares 'Conspiracy Theory' About 'Marriage Boot Camp' Dog Attack
TooFab/WE tv
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The reality star tells TooFab how she really feels about Friday's exercise and her "Teen Mom" co-star.

Brandi Glanville was dragged -- literally -- by a German Shepherd on Friday's episode of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition," and the incident sent her to the hospital.

The episode also featured her getting into an argument with "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood, who tried calling her out on her drinking inside the house. In an interview with TooFab before the episode aired, Glanville tackled both subjects and took aim at Portwood's new relationship in the process.

During an exercise where the contestants had to prove how much they'd be willing to sacrifice for their loved ones, Glanville stepped up the plate and volunteered to be taken down by a dog while wearing a protective suit.

"Tonight's episode was tough for me, I end up going to the hospital," Glanville explained. "I flipped and I landed on my head. I don't know if they're gonna show it, but I said, 'Wait, do I need a helmet?'"

Spoiler alert: She did.


"I was nervous. They're like, 'No no no, they're just gonna grab your arms,'" Glanville continued. "I landed on my head, they weren't just grabbing my arms and everyone else got helmets after that. So, they had helmets but you just didn't want to give me one? I was like, conspiracy theory. They're trying to kill me!"

"I was the first, so I didn't really know what to expect, I was crying," she added. While the trip the the hospital wasn't shown Friday, it was teased for next week's episode.

During Friday's hour, Portwood and Glanville got into it after Brandi exclaimed she wanted to get "liquored up" before the aforementioned dog drill. "You get up and you start," Portwood responded. "Like, all day, you're drinking wine." The fight escalated from there.

"She is something else. I'm not sober Amber, you are," Glanville told TooFab. "Maybe you should check your own drinking."

"Everyone knows that I like my wine and everyone knows that's been a story of mine forever," she added. "I'm an easy target with that. Listen, I get through my days, I don't drink every day. But living with her, you want to drink every day, all day long. And she does, but she's sober."

Of Amber, she added, "She is a narcissist and she needs to be poor me and we're not having it in this house."

Now that they're done filming together, Glanville said she doesn't "ever want to see" Portwood again. She also shared her shock that the "Teen Mom" is now dating and expecting a child with Andrew Glennon, who actually worked behind the scenes on the show.

"One of the producers got her pregnant and now she's having one of the producers' babies, which is crazy," Glanville said. "I'm thinking, I'm gonna get the worst edit ever because she's sleeping with the producer. So far it is very true to what has happened."

"Really? You're attracted to this crazy chick who drinks all day and hits people?" she added. "I mean, everyone has a type."