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"It’s nice seeing teenagers and you know young people not doing the things that we were probably doing when we were teenagers," the comedian expressed.

Samantha Bee has many titles: late-night host, comedian, Emmy nominee, and...delinquent?

The "Full Frontal" star used the term to describe herself Tuesday night when she told fellow "Daily Show" alum Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show" that she used to steal cars as a teenager.

"Stephen I was stealing cars when I was 15-years-old...I was taking out of society I was...terrible," Bee explained, much to the dismay of Colbert.

"You were boosting cars?" Colbert asked incredulously, and she emphasized, "I was a delinquent."

"We stole several cars," Bee said. "I had a boyfriend at the time and we were a little of a Bonnie and Clyde situation. He was the bad influence, but then I became the bad influence. It did not last long, because ultimately I’m a Catholic school girl at heart. I like a gold star, so that was a fleeting -- it was a stage. I'm not recommending it."

The comedian, who was promoting her new Puerto Rico special, got on the surprising subject matter while commenting how inspired she is by today's younger generation, who are deciding to organize and march for change rather than boosting cars.

"It’s nice seeing teenagers and you know young people not doing the things that we were probably doing when we were teenagers."

The march she was referring to was of course the March for Our Lives protest, organized by the Parkland High School students advocating for stricter gun control, which took place across the nation this past Saturday.

Bee and her team attended the march in Washington, D.C., where they encouraged the teens to let their voices be heard. Bee explained how her team had an area loaded with art supplies, such as markers and glitter glue, so the marchers could decorate their posters and signs.

The TBS late-night host also mentioned that they had a charging area for the teens as well, because "you can’t connect with teens unless they can charge their [phones]. All I can do is bring charges to the teens.”

After discussing her special, which took her to Puerto Rico in February, Colbert asked Bee if she decided to steal any cars on the trip. "I stole all the cars, yes of course," she joked. "I jack cars everywhere I go. I stole your car earlier. Very fancy."

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