Netflix Acquires Seth Rogen, Pauly D Gets a Haircut and 12 More Hilarious April Fool's Day Jokes
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Burger King announces a Chocolate Whopper, Pokemon Go goes 8-bit, Google Maps asks "Where's Waldo?" and so much more.

Seth Rogen is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Netflix, while Pauly D revealed his new haircut on Instagram ... and yet neither of these things is completely true. Welcome to April Fool's Day 2018!

As usual, the internet was awash with April Fool's pranks, even as the day was shared with Easter Sunday. Many corporations shared new advertisements for their fake products, like Burger King's new Chocolate Whopper and Redbox's exciting Walk-Up Movie Theaters. Pokemon Go went 8-bit while Google Maps is playing "Where's Waldo" and poor Rogen is losing his independence.

According to a statement received by Variety, "Seth Q. Rogen has entered into a lifetime deal to transfer full ownership of his personal autonomy to Netflix, Inc." Right there they screwed up, though, as Rogen's middle initial is A. Nevertheless, the actor had no problem with it. "As a general rule, I don't really 'read' anything before I sign it," he said.

Pauly D took control of his own prank, posting a gallery to Instagram teasing that he had a new haircut. "Welp I finally did it, I CUT MY HAIR!!!!" he wrote. "I cut Off My BlowOut!!!" He then put up a picture of his so-called new 'do next to Leonardo Di Caprio from "The Great Gatsby" before letting his fans in on the joke.

There are way too many April Fool's pranks to keep track of again this year year, but we've gathered some of the best below.

Pokemon Go

"Pokemon Go" introduced the latest in "cutting-edge 8-bit graphics" to celebrate the holiday!

Head & Shoulders

The popular shampoo brand finally embraced the children's song at its heart by announcing a new companion product for your body. Use Head & Shoulders on your head, while Knees & Toes is there for the rest of you! This should totally be real!


The world's leading manufacturer in feet-destroying children's toys, LEGO has announced the LEGO VacuSort, an amazing new product that not only picks up all those land mines your children leave everywhere, but handily sorts them as well. Every parent desperately wants this one to be real.

Chuck E. Cheese's

They've been rocking longer than almost any band alive -- except perhaps The Rolling Stones -- but it's time for Chuck E. Cheese and his rock-and-roll cohorts to throw in the towel, with the pizza place announcing an epic farewell tour.

Burger King

That "other" fast-food burger joint introduced America's first "flame-broiled" chocolate hamburger and we are totally not into trying this disgusting delicacy.

Planet Fitness

Some people prefer to get their exercise in the great outdoors, which can be a real drag when the weather isn't cooperating. That's where Planet Fitness' new treadmills covered in freshly cut grass fits in. It's a terrible idea!


There have long been jokes about pets looking like their people and vice-versa, and now Petco is here to help you achieve the dream of looking more like your pet with the Beautiful Bond Salon.

Lucid Mattress

With ride-sharing and room-sharing growing in popularity, Lucid Mattress is offering the next stop in sharing with bed-sharing. They note that most people only use 40 percent of their bed, so why not monetize the rest of it with SharedBED!

Kraken Rum

It was panic on the Thames in London this morning as Kraken Rum ran a "fake news" report that a Kraken had been seen submerged within the muddy waters. If people weren't sure the story was a fake, the newscaster ended with by saying, "Judging by its enormous size, the fishermen are going to need a bigger boat."


Redbox has introduced a new feature on its website called "Redbox Walk-Up Movie Theater Locator," showing a family sitting on lawn chairs and watching "Jumanji" on a Redbox outside a supermarket or something... yes, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

Google Maps

If you're having trouble finding the nearest Starbucks but you really enjoy the search, Google Maps is giving you something else to look for during your journey by letting you play "Where's Waldo" right on the map.


"Utilizing a proprietary bark and tail wag measurement scale," eHarmony is expanding their business model with "Furever Love" to help man's best friend find his or her ideal mate, too.

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