Happy April Fool's Day! 17 of Our Favorite Celebrity Pranks of All Time
Celebrity April Fool's Jokes

Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, Adele, Katie Couric, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber and Seth Rogen are among those Hollywood stars that love a good prank.

April Fool's Day is here, and rather than spam the web with fakes news -- since the world's got enough of that already -- TooFab is celebrating with some of our favorite celebrity pranks of all time.

We all know stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, Amy Schumer and even Adele don't wait for April 1 to mess with their famous friends.

From that time Rihanna woke up Kimmel in the middle of the night at his actual house to that time Ellen scared the crap out of Will Smith, here are 17 pranks we loved.

Rihanna Wakes Up Jimmy Kimmel

Rihanna pranked the late-night television host on April Fool's Day back in 2015. The singer came into Kimmel's house at 1 a.m. and jumped on his bed while her crew simultaneously blasted her hit "Bitch Betta Have My Money" in the background.

Justin Bieber Prank Calls Fan on 'Ellen'

If there is one thing Justin Bieber loves more than Ellen, it's his fans. The Grammy winner stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" back in 2015 and prank called a fan, pretending to be a British man named Peter.

Gigi's New Haircut

✄ ✄ ✄ happy April foolz fwends ;) :P

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Model Gigi Hadid pulled an April Fool's Day prank on the world last year when she shared an Instagram snap with her hair in a short, pixie cut. While it sure looked like a fresh cut to her followers, it was just an illusion.

MTV Punks Drake

Drake got the surprise of his life when he got pranked on the MTV hit back in 2012. Host Ashton Kutcher has even said that Drake prank was his favorite of all time on the show.

Amy Schumer Steals Katie Couric's Phone

Comedian Amy Schumer stopped by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" back in 2015 and shared a story about sharing a table with journalist Katie Couric at an event, then grabbing her phone and sending a dirty text to her husband.

When Michael Phelps Comes Out of Retirement

Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps tried to fool us all when he tweeted in 2017 that he was coming out of retirement and was planning on attending the Summer Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. Lies. All lies.

Seth Rogen, Jason Segal and Charlie Hunnam Punk Their Director

When Seth Rogen and Jason Segal stopped by "The Late Late Show with James Corden," they spilled on pranking director Nick Stroller after filming "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Segal invited Stroller to his house, where he and Rogen kept offering the filmmaker more water to the point that he had to use the restroom. When the director reached the restroom, actor Charlie Hunnam was in the bathtub covered in fake blood.

Adele Dresses Up as Impersonator

Adele went undercover back in 2015 as someone impersonating herself. The singer proved that she not only can sing, she has some serious comedic chops. Easily one of our favorites!

Dennis Quaid Goes Starbucks

Ellen sent Dennis Quaid to a Starbucks near her studio on the Warner Brothers lot when he came on her show back in 2008, and whispered ridiculous things for him to say to the staff. And he did, proudly declaring, "Dennis Quaid is here!" He proceeded to talk in the third person, and even made the barista sing a few bars of Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat Song (Day O)."

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt vs. Jimmy Kimmel

One of the greatest celebrity prank wars of all time was between Kimmel and his neighbors, married actors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. The holiday-themed war was nothing short of fantastic. Hint: It included Kimmel's car being filled with Christmas ornaments.

Amy Schumer Pretends to Fall in Front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

This might of not meant to be a prank at first, but with comedian Amy Schumer we can never really be sure. Schumer pretended to fall in front of reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West at a special Time event back in 2015. Kanye didn't appear to care.

"You can see his vibe is like, 'I hope you die,'" Schumer told Jimmy Kimmel while recounting the experience.

Ellen Scares Taylor Swift

Ellen scaring Taylor Swift is one of the television host's most famous celebrity scares, mainly because the pop star's reaction was priceless. Swift was in a bathroom when Ellen popped out from behind the door suddenly, causing the singer to scream and fall to the ground.

Demi Lovato Pretends to Be a Lyft Driver

There is no denying Demi Lovato is an incredibly talented singer, but she also has a knack for comedy. Lovato went undercover as a Lyft driver and surprised many passengers, who coincidentally turned out to consist of fans.

Katie Couric Pranks James Corden on His Own Show

Katie Couric got Corden good back in 2016 on "The Late Late Show." Just as he introduced the journalist, a body double fell down the stairs. The double was so believable that Corden bolted toward her with some serious concern, then Couric came out of the curtain saying, "April fools!"

Justin Bieber Takes Over "Funny or Die"

Back when Biebs still had his side swept bangs (and long before his obsession with tattoos began), the singer took over "Funny Or Die" as an April Fool's prank in 2010. The joke included an a entire faux story, saying that Bieber had bought the comedy website and changed its name to "Bieber or Die."

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Matt Damon

The ultimate celebrity faux-feud between Jimmy Kimmel and actor Matt Damon has been going on for years. More recently, "Thor: Ragnorak" star Chris Hemsworth stopped by Kimmel's show to promote the Marvel movie and Damon made a surprise, unexpected appearance, making Kimmel very angry.

Ellen Scares Will Smith

The daytime television host has been making famous people shriek on camera for years, but her surprise for actor Will Smith was truly one of her sneakiest. While teaching him about Instagram, Ellen pretended to be taking a picture of Smith right as a man popped out of the coffee table between them.

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