Cardi B To Co-Host 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon'

Jimmy Fallon gave Wendy Williams an unusual welcome to his show Thursday night.

Wendy Williams got more than just tea when she stopped by "The Tonight Show" Thursday night.

The daytime talk show host, known for giving her opinions on whatever the latest celebrity gossip is, called out host Jimmy Fallon for accidentally spitting on her while they were talking about her obsession with condiments

"You bring coarse pepper, and salt and hot sauce," Fallon said, leaning in as he listed the spices Williams said she carries with her.

"And a particular brand of coarse garlic," Williams replied before calling Fallon out. "I know, I felt that, you spit on me."

"I did I spit a little bit," the embarrassed host admitted, covering his face with his hands. "You are supposed to just roll over that and let it move."

"Sorry about the spittle..." Fallon apologized again. "I hope you comeback I’m sorry but my mouth is watering from all this talk about hot sauce and food!"

"My mouth waters all the time," Williams responded.

"Thank you for not spitting on me," he joked.

Williams appeared on the NBC late-night show after making headlines for taking her first sick day in over 10 years after fainting this past October while on air. She was diagnosed with Grave's disease and needed to take a over three weeks off from work to rest, and now she's back on the talk show grind.

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