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Her first question for her date: "So, how's Angie?"

So this is what it would look like if Tiffany Haddish and Brad Pitt ever went out on a hot date.

The "Girls Trip" star swung by "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Friday, where she recalled a pact she supposedly made with the actor on Oscar weekend. "'Well, if I'm single in a year, and you're single in a year, maybe we could get together and see what happens,'" Haddish said, relaying what Pitt told her in an elevator at an pre-Oscars party.

"I was talking to Elizabeth Perkins and her husband was in the elevator and I liked the way he was looking at her and I was like, 'I hope one day I get me a husband like that, I hope one day a man look at me that way and love me that much,'" Haddish said, setting up the scenario.

"And then Brad Pitt was standing right next to me and then Elizabeth's husband was like, 'Man, I hope we don't get caught in this elevator' and I was like, 'It's gonna be some pretty-ass babies in this elevator if we do,'" the actress continued.

"And then Brad Pitt said, 'Yeah, get ready' - which I thought was a joke," she continued, saying that's when he made the proposition. "And I was like, 'Oh my God! For real? Whoo! I'ma hold you to that!' And then I did some research. He got a gang of kids. I can't do it. I can't do it. I want to be baby mama number one."

After Haddish finished the story of her encounter with Pitt, Fallon recommended that they practice a first date by role-playing.

Fallon then brought out a cutout of Pitt's face and put it in front of his, and said they were about to begin their date, telling Haddish to "Get in," acting like they are in a car.

"So how's Angie?" Haddish asked Fallon's "Pitt," as they took a ride together. She then told him she wanted him to take her somewhere in "the hood" for dinner, leaving him very confused. The date went downhill from there, with "Pitt" asking if he could turn around and take her home. Their trip ended with her shouting: "F-ck you, Brad!"

Let's hope it goes a little better for her IRL if these two ever actually go out!

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