Eva Longoria's Water Broke All Over a Shirtless Pauly D on 'Ellen'
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This probably isn't what the "Jersey Shore" star was expecting when he showed up to "The Ellen Degeneres Show."

Eva Longoria and Ellen DeGeneres didn't even need to go to Karma to get wet and wild with Pauly D.

The two recruited the "Jersey Shore" star for a game on Tuesday's show called "Oops My Water Broke," celebrating Longoria's own pregnancy.

The rules of the game were simple: Ellen and Eva had to try and remove sticks supporting a bunch of water balloons a without making the wet grenades fall on the victim below. Their victim: Pauly D, who dutifully removed his shirt and showed off his expertly-tanned and toned body for the screaming audience.

Though Ellen tried to slow down Longoria's pace, she wasn't having it and it didn't take long for Pauly to get completely soaked.

Later in the show, Ellen continued the pregnancy festivities with a giant baby name generator for her guest, who admitted she needed the help. The actress revealed she hasn't "done anything" to prepare for her son, who's due this June. No toys, no nursery, no name.

Don Julio Longoria, Poquito Mas Longoria and Tequila Sunrise Longoria were just a few of contenders the generator came up with, but Longoria preferred the last option: Cinco De Mayo Longoria.

"It's so funny because my baby shower is going to be on Cinco de Mayo," Longoria told Ellen. "And that was just accidental, because it was the only weekend I had available."

"It's settled. That's his name. Cinco De Mayo Longoria," Ellen said, before Eva corrected the surname to that of her husband, de Baston.

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