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Days after they agreed to ceasefire, Kimmel is amused to see Hannity making headlines for an alleged association with Trump's personal attorney, who is under investigation.

Jimmy Kimmel might regret ending his Twitter war with Sean Hannity earlier this month after Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, revealed in federal court Monday that the Fox News host was his secret third client.

While Hannity was quick to jump on the social media platform to try and both clarify his arrangement with Cohen and distance himself from the beleaguered attorney, Kimmel's Twitter feed has remained silent on the matter. Luckily, he also has a television show, and there was no way he was going to skip a topic so juicy and so close to his heart.

"This morning, Michael Cohen was forced to revel the name of a mystery third client," Kimmel said. "He tried everything to keep it secret, but the judge ordered him to reveal the name of Client #3 and shockingly that client turned out to be my pal. Sean Hannity of Fox News is Client #3. Isn't that interesting that he would need advice from Michael Cohen?"

Kimmel then gave Hannity his due, reading his statements aloud regarding his arrangement with Cohen.

"That sounds normal, he has a laywer that he doesn't pay," Kimmel said. "I'm thinking of hiring Michael Cohen as my lawyer because he only has three clients, and apparently he works for free. He doesn't take money from any of them."

"His only jobs seems to be paying women out," Kimmel added, understanding why Hannity might want to distance himself from Cohen.

"I don't know what kind of legal advice doesn't involve a third party, unless, maybe Sean Hannity was thinking about suing himself?" Kimmel wondered.

Of course, the biggest concern about this is that Hannity has been a supporter of Cohen in the media without disclosing his own relationship with him, which could put him in violation of the law, or at the least on very shaky ethical grounds.

"If this is the biggest witch hunt in history, as they say it is, we're running out of spots on the broomstick," Kimmel joked. "It's getting very full. We may have to add an extension to this thing."

Hannity continued in his tweets to clarify his relationship with Cohen, asserting that their dealings almost exclusively had to do with real estate.

Kimmel so far has remained quiet on social media, honoring the truce he proposed on April 8. Hannity and Kimmel had gotten into an ugly feud both online and on their respective shows, after Kimmel mocked Melania Trump's accent during the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

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