9 Times Kerry Washington Was Woke AF

"Wow, I thought I killed a woman," Malina exclaimed after the big reveal.

Josh Malina got what was coming to him in more ways than one on Thursday night, after that shocking "Scandal" series finale and an epic prank on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that had him believing he may have caused an elderly woman's heart attack.

According to his co-stars, he deserved it.

Kerry Washington, Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes, Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry, Bellamy Young, Scott Foley, Joe Morton, Cornelius Smith Jr., George Newbern and Malina joined creator Shonda Rhimes on Kimmel's show last night after the finale aired, where they revealed Josh has been pranking them for years.

After Stanchfield explained how one of his jokes had her bursting into tears, Lowes detailed the "worst thing" he ever did on set. According to her, he sent an email to her "that was incredibly inappropriate" and made it seem like it came from George Newbern. Though Malina was told to apologize to them both, that never happened, so Kimmel offered something "better than an apology": revenge.

He set it up so Malina and Lowes would surprise a family of fans as they watched the show. Unbeknownst to Malina, however, was the fact that Katie was in on it and the family was made up of actors out to make sure "something terrible was going to happen."

After Malina burst into their home by setting up a confetti cannon, the elderly woman inside started clutching her chest as her daughter shouted, "She's got a heart problem!" They quickly called 9-1-1 -- or pretended to -- as he started saying, "We should have known that before we did this ... I'm so sorry. That was not a good idea. Sorry to scare you. We're here for you, breathe."

The jig was up when Kimmel and his sidekick Guillermo came in as EMTs -- and Malina's reaction was priceless. "Oh my god! That was the worst thing anyone's ever done to anybody," he exclaimed. "I can't say I didn't have it coming. Wow, I thought I killed a woman!"

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