The Worst Celebrity Feuds

McCain calls out Behar for a "mean" joke and it escalates from there.

It didn't take long for the fireworks to go off on "The View" Thursday morning, after Joy Behar made a sarcastic remark about Melania Trump's birthday.

The panel was talking about Donald Trump calling into "Fox & Friends" earlier today, where he seemingly slipped by saying Michael Cohen "represented" him in a "crazy" deal with Stormy Daniels. It's the first time he's acknowledged any connection to the porn star or Cohen's $130,000 deal to keep her quiet.

Behar's reaction to the news: "Today is Melania's birthday, Happy Birthday Melania."

"That was unnecessary, come on, that's so mean," McCain shot back at the joke, prompting Joy to ask, "What was mean about it, Meghan? Tell me what was mean."

The good stuff starts at around the 1:40 mark below.

"You think that's appropriate? Yesterday we all talked about how we collectively like Melania," McCain responded. "You're making fun of her pain, you are." Behar denied she was making fun of Melania, adding, "You have no sense of humor, that's your problem."

"It's not that I don't have a sense of humor, it's that I feel bad for our first lady," McCain said. "And all this, I thought we covered yesterday." On Wednesday's show, the women mostly agreed that they had some sympathy for Melania and the positions she finds herself in thanks to her husband.

"We should take back what we said yesterday, I thought yesterday that we all said that have a soft spot and feel bad for her," McCain added.

"It's about him and what a jerk he is," Behar said in her defense. "He is a jerk," McCain responded, "but I think to point out, 'Happy Birthday, Melania, your life totally blows, we're going to talk about it on national television.' she's aware how bad this is."

"I wish you would understand who the target of my jokes is," said Joy, leaving Meghan to point out, "The audience didn't laugh either."

"It's a bad joke maybe. So what, so sue me. Send me to jail!" Behar said with a laugh, before Whoopi Goldberg interrupted to move everyone on to the next topic.

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