'RHOBH' Tea Time: Lisa Rinna Accuses Lisa Vanderpump of Facelift in Never-Before-Seen Season 8 Footage
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Camille Grammer and Erika Girardi's eyes nearly bulge out of their heads after Rinna says she suspects Vanderpump went under the knife.

Lisa Rinna was criticized for being "lame" and PC on this season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," but on Tuesday's "Reunion Secrets Revealed" episode, unseen footage showed the old Rinna in all her glory.

Rinna and Erika Girardi stopped by Camille Grammer's Malibu home for lunch when Lisa Vanderpump came up in conversation.

"It's just so great that we can come together and have fun," Rinna said during the lunch.

"These are the real important things," Camille added. "You know, your health is so important."

"We're just getting at that age, you know?" Rinna said.

"Oh, you with the age!" Erika replied. "I'm over both of you. I hate both of you. I refuse. I'm 17! I'm 17."

"It's a f-cking constant battle, and we will all do anything [to stay young]," Rinna said. "I'll sell my soul to the devil, which I already have. I'll do anything. I just wanna look good."

Camille asked Rinna if she had been "thinking about a little [insert facelift hand motion here]."

"I'm going to at some point," Rinna said with certainty. "Of course."

"We could tape you like the old-school stars," Erika suggested before Rinna blurted out, "I think Vanderpump's had a facelift." Camille and Erika's eyes nearly bulged out of their heads.

"You do?!" Camille said. "I don't. Really?"

Erika, visibly uncomfortable, laughed it off before standing up and saying, "I -- I -- My car! My car is here. My car is here, and I must leave you all. That is so shady!"

But Vanderpump maintains that she's never gone under the knife.

"I have no facelifts or anything, and you can check out the scars," she told Us Weekly in October of last year. "Nothing like that."

But the reality star and restaurant mogul did admit to doing injectables, including Botox and fillers.

"I have no Botox right now because you can see I have way too much movement in my forehead," she said. "It's like a circus trick! I'm the only person in this town that can raise their eyebrows."

Vanderpump revealed the man behind the magic was none other than Dr. Simon Ourian, whose list of famous patients includes Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Jenna Dewan.

"I bow to him," Vanderpump said of Dr. Ourian. "He does a little bit of Botox, he does a little bit of filler, and he just does great skin care."

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