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Can the former White House press secretary admit Donald Trump is a liar?

There's plenty of photographic proof that shows President Donald Trump did not have the largest inauguration crowd ever in 2016, and Megyn Kelly tried her hardest to get former White House press secretary Sean Spicer to admit that on her "Today" show hour Thursday.

"If I could have a do over, I would take it," her guest said when she brought up the lie the Trump administration brazenly told the public.

"Do you acknowledge that was not true?" Kelly asked, but she would never get the ousted Trump team member to admit that.

"I’m saying I could have done that a heck of a lot better," Spicer said. "The point was that what we were conflating was the number of people standing in one position versus what I was trying to do and not well."

"And not truthfully," Kelly interrupted, eliciting cheers from her audience.

Watch Spicer stutter through the grilling in the interview above.

Ultimately he never said the Trump administration was exaggerating crowd size numbers and only admitted, "I’m taking responsibility for my actions. I went out there. I said those words. I could have done a better job. And that’s what I’m responsible for what I did."

When Kelly asked Spicer if he believes Trump is "truthful," his answer also skated around the question.

"He's never sat in front of me and lied to my face," he said after rambling on about about Trump using hyperbole in his "career in sales."

Kelly pushed back, "Just because the lie wasn't to your face doesn't mean it didn't happen. You're obviously dodging. Why don't you just admit he struggles with the truth."

"He sells his policies, and his achievements and his results, and that's who he is," Spicer countered, to which Kelly argued, "This isn't selling. These are non truths to be charitable."

She provided a run down a list of Trump's lies right in front of the president's former mouthpiece.

"He, like everyone else, makes mistakes. And I think we all make them," Spicer said, and blamed the excess "scrutiny" the administration was under.

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