Jimmy Kimmel Calls Trump the 'Taylor Swift of Treason' and Treats 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' Like an STD
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The late-night comedian's solution to what he assumes is an STD is a miracle drug called "ReZine."

Jimmy Kimmel thinks Donald Trump is the "Taylor Swift of treason."

The ABC late-night comedian cracked the joke Wednesday night while going in on the President of the United States for siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a press conference at the Helsinki Summit.

Trump outraged Americans by suggesting he believed Putin's word over U.S. intelligence agencies who found evidence Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. After returning to the White House, Trump held another press conference to declare he meant to say "wouldn't" while saying he didn't know "why it would be" Russian agents responsible for meddling in the election.

"It’s all very crazy. And yet, with all of this Moscow madness happening, according to a new poll from Reuters, 71 percent of Republican voters have a favorable view of how Trump has been dealing with Russia," Kimmel said during his monologue. "Which is nuts, but I was thinking about this today and I think there’s a simple explanation for it."

"They might not like what he’s doing, they might not like him, but they love how pissed off it makes Democrats and so they want it to keep happening," he reasoned.

"Trump kept his base going — by calling out his ‘haters’ today on Twitter," Kimmel said. "He’s the Taylor Swift of treason. He really is."

Here are the Trump tweets Kimmel was referencing:

And of course Kimmel didn't miss the opportunity to have fun at the expense of the president by turning that last phrase against him.

"If it is a syndrome named after Trump, I assume it's sexually transmitted," Kimmel joked. "Fortunately help is on the way."

He made a faux pharmaceutical ad to treat the STD with a new pill "ReZine," which came with the perfect sales pitch: "Make yourself great again."

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