'Big Brother' Season 20 Cast Revealed

The level of nastiness and dirty gameplay this season can be hard to watch at times, but there is no denying its effectiveness.

You can't even feel bad for the underdogs on "Big Brother" anymore if they're going to be this stupid. Rockstar destroyed her own game last week, and they're at it again this week.

All the while, Level 6 just sits back and laughs and laughs and laughs.

If this were a scripted television show, people would have tuned out by now because their run is so implausible. And yet, here we are. This is reality television and there's only so much manipulation the production crew can do. Most of this is JC and Level 6 masterfully executing very nasty plans to undermine the other side, and watching it work time and time again.

This week saw that other side again gain power, and once again it looks like it may not matter at all. At least Haleigh can blame the awful "BB Hacker" twist for destroying her game. This week, new Head of Household Faysal will have no one to blame but himself when he orchestrates the eviction of one of his very few allies.

We're going to run this season like you'd run a department store. Each product, or Houseguest, may have come in with equal value, but pretty quickly you start to see that certain ones aren't working. First, you try discounting them to see if they can turn things around and become solid performers again. But if that doesn't work, it's time to put them on clearance so you can sell them out (the door). With that said, let's take a look at our inventory, ranked from our strongest performer to our weakest ... after we check out a new spotlight item in stock.

SPOTLIGHT ITEM: The Puppet Master

JC has been in Faysal's ear all season, and he was at it again this week. This time, he concocted an elaborate series of lies from pretending Brett was the lone vote to save Rockstar, when it was Scottie, to telling Haleigh and Faysal that Scottie was crushing on Haleigh and thus wanted Fessy out.

The lie was so ridiculous and so stupid, and yet Faysal fell for it hook, line and sinker. JC has been saying what an idiot he is all season long, and it's starting to become painfully clear just how right he is. Even if what JC was saying were true, why target Scottie now, when it's clear who in the houses has been targeting Fessy's alliance: Tyler, Angela and Kaycee. Brett, too, but no one seems too sure about that.

The sad part of this whole thing is that Level 6 has no alliance to JC either, but they're more than happy to let him mastermind the demise of their foes in this game. As soon as he's outlived his usefulness, though, they'll cast him aside callously the way they did their own alliance members when they realized they couldn't save Winston or Rachel.


Level 6 and their allies are playing a very nasty and very dirty game, the kind we haven't seen in years. They're not playing with any respect for the other Houseguests, and with seeming little regard for their own games as far as jury management goes. When the HG's get out and watch this season back, some of them are going to be horrified at the nasty things said about them.

Honetly, it's like Level 6 is full of a bunch of "mean girls" but they keep winning, so they're getting ever more cocky. And by "winning," I don't mean comps. I mean their alliance is still secret, they sow whatever lies they want and it just keeps working. Everyone else is playing too emotionally and personally, except poor Haleigh and Scottie. Of course, that's why their the top targets of that side.

At this point, it seems inevitable that someone from Level 6 will emerge victorious in this "bro-tastic" season, but it's going to feel a little dirty rooting for them. That said, Evil Dick is considered one of the best to ever play the game, and JC and Level 6 are playing an evil game masterfully, but we're still going to feel kind of dirty when they're (inevitably) rewarded for it.


Tyler (even) did nothing this week and is still sitting pretty. If JC wants to do all the dirty work, of course Level 6 is going to let them. And at this point, he has the numbers to just lay low and wait for his chance to take over again.

Brett (up 5) has proven time and again that he will play the dirtiest game in the world, but he keeps getting away with it. At this point, after he mops up the game with everyone else, they'll have no choice but to respect him and might even award him the top prize. Yes, he's on the block. No, it doesn't matter unless Scottie or Haleigh win HOH and take Scottie down.

JC (down 1) is going to be in trouble later in this game when it's just him and Level 6, if they let him stick around that long, but he has played a masterful mental game thus far. He might find a way to outsmart them, but they've got the numbers and he's unaware of their alliance.

Angela (up 1) and Kaycee (up 1) continue to float through this game, perking up when they absolutely have to. But they are going to ride their alliance right to the end, at which point they might wake up and start getting more involved.

Sam (up 2) is a number for Level 6 as long as they care, and she's not a threat otherwise. Tyler has her in his back pocket, complete with a Final 2 deal he probably won't honor. She's good for now, but it won't last.

Haleigh (down 3) is never going to make it to the end with an idiot as her ride-or-die. Faysal just blew up both of their games with his terrible nominations, and now she and Scottie have to go out there and clean up his mess by winning the Veto and taking him down.


Faysal (up 1) may be the first reigning HOH to be so low on the chart, but that's because he is a slow-witted idiot who thinks with his you-know-what over his brain. He let JC and Level 6 run roughshod over his alliance just by whispering in his ear and making him jealous, and when Scottie goes home, that'll be the last chance he and Haleigh had in this game.

Scottie (down 6) should not be on the block, but only Faysal is dumb enough to target one of two allies he has in the house. Scottie is in the crosshairs of Level 6, and so far everything has gone their way virtually every week whether they're in power or not. He needs a big Veto win or it's going to happen again, and Faysal will be out shortly after him.


  • "I feel like a boy on Christmas morning. My plan was a huge success. Rocstark goes home during her best friend's HOH. You can't make this stuff up." --Brett

  • "JC looks like a catfish I caught last summer. Trying to hold onto him would be dang near impossible." --Sam (during greasy HOH competition)

  • "This was literally the only one I wanted to play in." --Haleigh (unable to compete in comp as outgoing HOH)
  • "Let's switch." --JC

  • "This might be the week our luck finally runs out." --Tyler (production hasn't chimed in with a new "twist" yet, so don't give up hope)

  • "I'm happy Faysal won HOH this week. Basically, he's been listening to me all game ... so basically this is my HOH, too." --JC

  • "Fess is definitely gunning for me. He looks at me as competition for Haleigh. So I don't know that he wants to keep me, a single stud in the house, around. This old dog is going to have to break out some new tricks." --Brett

  • "The vote ends up going 5-1. That one vote is gonna be Scottie. We make Brett make the whole believe that he was the one who voted Kaycee out. So we, turn Haleigh and Faysal completely against Scottie." --JC (planning aftermath of eviction before Rockstar was voted out)

  • "You sure Scottie's the one." --Faysal
  • "Yeah." --Haleigh
  • "You trust Scottie. I don't." --Faysal (except this time, you should)

  • "I only need to convince him Scottie wants him out because he wants Haleigh." --JC (that's a bit of a stretch, but it could work.

  • "F--k it. It was me. I'll claim it. I already feel like I have the house against me. I did it. Whatever." --Brett (trying out JC's plan to claim he voted to keep Rockstar in front of the whole house)

  • "Brett's trying to turn me into the patsy. It's absolutely cute that he thinks he can pull this crap." --Scottie (except maybe he can)

  • "Scottie really, really likes you. You can't be that blind, girl." --JC (lying to Haleigh to try and break trust with Scottie)

  • "I'm not buying anything JC is saying, but you cannot argue with JC. You just have to listen to him and nod your head. It's easier in the end if you just agree with him." --Haleigh (like Faysal agreed with him)

  • "What is your perspective?" --Haleigh
  • "I think it's pretty simple. They used your week to get someone not in their alliance out. And not they're trying to do the - same with Fess' week." --Scottie
  • "By getting him to take credit for it?"
  • "No. By calling me a liar." (and it worked, too)

  • "There's not a chance he's putting me up?" --Scottie
  • "You need to go talk to him about it. Because I don't know." --Haleigh
  • "Oh boy." --Scottie ('oh boy' is right, because Faysal is a weak-minded idiot who got played flawlessly by JC and Level 6)

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