'American Idol' Winner Taylor Hicks Claps Back at Runner-Up Katharine McPhee's Major Shade Attempt
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The former "Scorpion" star tries to get out the vote by pointing out that Taylor Hicks beat her on "American Idol," but Hicks claps right back.

Katharine McPhee threw some major shade at the man who beat her out for the fifth season of "American Idol," but Taylor Hicks clapped right back.

The former "Smash" and "Scorpion" star captioned a photo of Hicks' winning moment, with her standing by his side as runner-up, by saying, "Voting matters," with an upside down smiley face. She then presented a link to the United States government's official voter registration page.

Hicks shot right back, though, flipping a smiley face of his own in response, while agreeing to her sentiment. "You're right, voting DOES matter!" he said. "But you're a little late to the party, Kat." Hicks provided a more personal link to a PSA he did for his home state of Alabama, encouraging its citizens to vote.

While McPhee has gone on to a much higher profile career since her time on the "American Idol" stage, neither of the top two finalists went on to huge success on the music charts. That honor goes to fourth place finisher Chris Daughtry, with honorable mention for country darling Kellie Pickler, who finished in sixth.

After failing to find sustainable chart success, McPhee finally broke through with a co-lead role on NBC's "Smash," and her acting career has taken the lead ever since. After four years starring on CBS's "Scorpion," McPhee recently made her Broadway debut with a four-month starring role in "Waitress."

Taylor Hicks has suffered a similar fate on the charts, and also enjoyed a successful run on Broadway, as Teen Angel in "Grease." He has continued to release albums and tour, as well as appearing on multiple television shows. His most recent gig is as host of INSP channel's culinary show "State Plate."

Fans on Twitter loved the exchange, with many declaring Hicks the winner of this shade-off. But McPhee had her defenders, as well, with both "Idol" alums getting teased and poked.

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