'RHOC' Juice: Tamra Rails on 'Needy' Shannon Before Kelly Explodes on Emily's 'Little Bitch' Husband
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"I WILL F--KING KILL YOU," Emily screams at Kelly during insane confrontation.

Monday's "Real Housewives of Orange County" was one for the books.

Tamra Judge basically reached her breaking point with Shannon Beador and went off on her during a group lunch following last week's drunk round of golf.

The real issue started after Emily Simpson's husband, Shane, yelled at Gina Kirschenheiter for being drunk and loud at his house during poker night. Shannon expressed to the other women that the behavior reminded her of something her ex-husband, David Beador, would do. Word got back to Emily that Shannon was calling her husband abusive, but Shannon maintained that word never came out of her mouth. Gina and Emily eventually hashed things out, but Shannon was still in the thick of it.

"When someone goes after your husband, as a wife, you get defensive," Tamra said during the lunch. Frustrated and upset, Shannon stood up to leave. Tamra looked right at her and said, "You called me and asked me to defend you!"

Kelly Dodd tried desperately to appease the situation, and when she pointed out to Tamra that she had made Shannon upset, Tamra simply said, "Too bad."

Tamra later vented to Gina about how the root of her issue with Shannon is that she feels Shannon makes everything about her, her divorce and her problems. Tamra called Shannon a "needy" friend who hadn't been there for her while she was dealing with Eddie Judge's heart surgery and health issues.

Tamra and Shannon eventually talked. Tears were shed, hugs were shared and they patched things up for now.

Later on, all hell broke loose at Eddie's birthday party, which Tamra threw at their new home -- only it had nothing to do with either Tamra or Shannon.

Vicki Gunvalson brought her boyfriend, Steve Lodge, which struck a nerve for Kelly. Although she and Vicki had made up after the whole double date fiasco with Kelly's ex-husband, Michael Dodd, Kelly was still pissed off at David because he said some stuff about her divorce to Page Six. Kelly went on to call David a "douchebag" on Twitter and referred to Vicki as his "pig girlfriend."

David was standing at a table talking to Shane when Kelly decided to approach him. David barely even entertained a conversation with her and ended up walking away. Shane tried to mediate the conversation -- even after David walked away -- but it came across to Kelly like he was trying to get involved. Shane asserted he was not, then added, "You're drunk."

When Kelly said she wasn't, Shane replied, "You mean that's your normal behavior?! Ew."

"You're a f--king dork, that's what you are!" Kelly immediately shot back. "Loser. You're a dork. You're a dork!"

Shannon tried to apologize to Shane on Kelly's behalf, but she got reamed, too. "Don't talk to him! He's a little twerp! Little pussy," Kelly shouted at her.

Not remembering Shane was her husband, Kelly went inside and found Emily to vent. Kelly pointed to Shane and referred to him as "Steve's little bitch over there."

"Are you talking about my husband?" Emily asked.

"I had no idea that was your husband!" Kelly replied. "I swear to God on Jesus Christ, I never knew this was your husband. But he's over here sticking up for Steve and being a little peanut gallery that you had no business even opening your mouth! I think he was protecting Steve. You shouldn't have chimed in. You shouldn't have said anything. It was none of your business. It was an A and B conversation, so C your way out."

By this point, Shane had made his way to where they were talking. He told Kelly she shouldn't have come to his table where he and Steve were talking.

"Your table!? This is your house?!" Kelly fired back. "This is your table? Does it have your name on it? And you said I'm drunk? You're a little bitch, dude."

"Kelly! That's my husband!" Emily finally yelled back. Kelly repeated Shane was a "little bitch," then Emily got in her face.


"HIT ME! HIT ME! C'MON!" Kelly yelled back. By this point, Gina and Shannon had to physically retrain the two.

"GET OUT OF MY FACE! YOU DON'T TALK TO MY HUSBAND LIKE THAT! F--K YOU! GET HER THE F--K AWAY FROM HERE! I WILL F--KING KILL YOU!" were Emily's last words before she was dragged off by Gina and Kelly was taken away by Shannon.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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