Cardi B Is Tipsy in Milan, Channeling 'Fran Drescher' Style a la Dolce and Gabbana
Proof That Cardi B Was Made for New York Fashion Week

Cardi admits she's a bit of a lightweight, when it comes to alcohol, on her way to the Dolce & Gabbana show during Milan's Fashion Week.

Cardi B doesn't usually need help standing out in a crowd, but she got some anyway with an ensemble she described as "Fran Drescher in Dolce & Gabbana' in her latest Instagram post.

Drescher, of course, is best known for her outlandish outfits -- and whiny voice -- through six seasons on the CBS sitcom "The Nanny," and we kind of have to agree with Cardi on this one. The look is animal print on animal print on animal print, all the way up to the furry glasses.

Yes, we said furry glasses.

Credit where credit is due. Cardi committed to the look, as evidenced by the fierce look she gave while dramatically not looking at the cameras in her proud IG post from Milan's Fashion Week.

Fran Drescher in @dolcegabbana

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But the "Bodak Yellow" singer was all laughs while filming a short video of herself decked out in this same outfit on the way to the Dolce & Gabbana show. She blamed her giggles on the locals.

"Man, these Italians got me f--ked up, giving me champagne in the afternoon," she laughed. "They must not know that I'm light!"

After a brief pause, she continued as if she was going to start over with her video. "What's good, bitch?" she said. "We out here in Milan drinking sparkling water and eating some spaghettis." Then after another pause, she added softly, "bitch."

Sparkling ... water?


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Okay, we're just going to go on the record and say tipsy Cardi is absolutely adorable. She also gave a thoughtful review of the fur Dolce & Gabbana glasses she was wearing which you just have to see in the video above to fully appreciate.

"What's good?" could be a subtle nod to Nicki Minaj, who famously used the expression to shade Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have been embroiled in a bit of a feud, and by "bit of a feud" we mean that Cardi B literally threw a shoe at Minaj during New York Fashion week two weeks ago.

Both women are in Milan right now for Fashion Week, with Nicki having attended several events already over the past several days, per People. Cardi, meanwhile, came in support of her sister Hennessy Carolina, who walked the Phillipp Plein show Friday night.

Cardi captured that moment as well via Instagram, captioning her video, "Henessy is Soo swaggy ,talented and pretty. She is my rock and I can't believe she evolving in to this beautiful woman! In my eyes she still little Hennessy!"

Two days later, Cardi's still enjoying the sights (and sips) of Milan, only now she's sitting front row at the Dolce & Gabbana event covered in head-to-toe Dolce & Gabbana, which means Milan is also enjoying the sight of her.

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