Ray J Will Take Viewers BTS of Princess Love's 28-Hour Labor and Birth on VH1's 'Labor of Love'
Stars & Their Baby Bumps

Ray J and Princess Love take viewers from her eighth month of pregnancy up to the minute their first daughter was born in a new VH1 special.

Ray J and wife Princess Love took a break from "Love & Hip Hop" to film the birth of their first baby girl on "Labor of Love."

On the one-hour special, which premieres tonight on VH1, Ray J and Princess take viewers from her eighth month of pregnancy up to the minute Melody Love was born.

"We've been doing ['Love & Hip Hop'] for a while, so they've seen us through our ups, the downs, the downs, the downs. This is our biggest up," Ray J told TooFab Monday during an interview.

"It was a relief to do something that was happy and fun," Princess added. Melody is the first child for both parents.

Princess told TooFab she had "the easiest pregnancy" but that her delivery was far from it. She was in labor for 28 hours without any pain-relieving drugs, and Ray J filmed all of it -- and we mean all of it.

"You know how when you get a C-section, they have that sheet? You're not supposed to look over the sheet, but he was like this with the camera over [the sheet], so you see everything," Princess explained. Ray J recommended those tuning in to have a strong stomach.

On tonight's special, viewers will also get to witness Ray J's life change entirely.

"I couldn't stop crying," he said. "Just everything changed for me. It was a real, life-changing experience. And then after that, I just changed my whole flow -- the way I move, the way I talk to people, the way I talk to [Princess], the way I look at what family means. It just touched me in so many positive ways."

And one of those ways is how he approaches his music. Since welcoming Melody Love in May of this year, Ray J says he looks at his music entirely differently.

"I had to go back to the drawing board and listen to all of the crazy, nasty songs that I did, and clean it up," he explained. "Try to put out the right music that represents who I am now. And sometimes, as an artist, it's tough 'cause you wanna continue your creative flow, and sometimes when you write and you take yourself out of the character and now you're someone else. So it might be a little out of control, but listening to the songs and then going home to the wife and the baby -- some of the songs I did, I'm like, 'Nah, it just won't work.' It's just not a good feeling and a good representation, so I switched it. I've been doing a bunch of positive, '80s kinda music, and it all centers back around to my daughter and the wife."

Watch Ray J and Princess Love's full interview with TooFab above.

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"Labor of Love" premieres Monday at 9 p.m. on VH1.