'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' -- Meet the Characters

The most anticipated arrival of the season on "American Horror Story: Apocalypse" was worth the wait, but was the price too high?

"American Horror Story: Apocalypse" took its first nasty left-turn and it did so in truly shocking and deadly fashion. Plus, we finally get our witches, bitches!

But as with any new development on any season of "AHS," it always seems to bring up a thousand more questions and even more confusion. "What the f--k is going on?" seems to be the natural response to watching Ryan Murphy mess with our minds. Yeah, we know that's what you're up to.

But we forgive you because we got not one, not two, but three of our favorite witches from "Coven" just strolling in like they owned the place. And they weren't the only surprise appearance to stroll in from outside the bunker, either.

Oh, and if you were one of the small faction that questioned whether or not the apocalypse was real, we feel pretty confident that it totally happened, now. But that doesn't mean it can un-happen. This is "American Horror Story," baby. Crazy s--t happens all the damned time!

While we're still processing all the craziness that went down when Ryan Murphy celebrates Halloween -- remind us to never accept any fruit from him -- these are the five questions that kept us up and screaming deep into the night.

Who Was Mead Modeled After?

One of the more tantalizing teases of the night was after Langdon (Cody Fern) watched Ms. Mead (Kathy Bates) surprise herself by turning and shooting Ms. Venable instead of Langdon himself. He then explained that he was the one who had her commissioned and programmed.

Perhaps more importantly, he had her modeled after the only woman who ever cared for him, making him the little boy she remembered loving from that earlier chat with Venable. After her little mishap in the last episode, Bates became even more stiff and robotic in her line deliveries.

We don't know if this is a byproduct of her now knowing this is what she is portraying or a legitimate development for the character. What we do know, though, is that she is absolutely fascinating. Her struggle to figure out her place in the world is so human, and yet she now has more awareness that she isn't.

Bates is killing it in this role and we have more questions that need answering. Plus, we want to watch this character continue to evolve, and especially if she is the reincarnation -- so to speak -- of Constance (Jessica Lange) from "Murder House." If this is your plan, Ryan Murphy, we totally are here for seeing Kathy Bates as Jessica Lange as Constance!

Where Was the Coven All This Time?

We know Langdon came from the Sanctuary and that there were a few other scattered outpost around, but where did these gorgeous witches hide out all this time, Ryan Murphy? Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), Madison (Emma Roberts) and Myrtle (Frances Conroy) were all looking absolutely fabulous, and more significantly, pustule free. You'd better explain that!

Considering we got our first glimpse of the world outside and the physical shape of the apocalyptic survivors, we have to wonder how the witches are still looking so good? Are they projecting these forms? Are they, perhaps, projecting glamours over themselves so they look better than they really are? Perhaps their powers have protected them?

And speaking of witches...

Who Are Dinah, Mallory and Coco, Really?

The first hint that not everyone was as they seemed in the bunker was when Langdon revealed how nice it was to see Dinah (Adina Porter) again. But then, who is she? It seems unlikely she is either of her characters from "Roanoke" or "Cult," so is she perhaps someone that Langdon knows, but we don't?

But then there's Mallory (Billie Lourd), who showed some pyrokinetic abilities and told Langdon that it feels like there's someone inside of her screaming to get out. Dinah seems to know who she is, but Mallory does not. And then it all got really weird when it turned out that Coco was also on of the coven's "sisters."

Really? This bitch, Ryan Murphy? You made her awful. Don't get us wrong, we've loved hating her every week and now we have to care about her. Oh wait, that's just Madison 2.0 then, isn't it? Alright, Ryan Murphy, you're off the hook for this one.

Speaking of Madison, we got chills of excitement when she crouched in front of Mallory and said, "Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought youโ€™d seen the last of me." Ooh, now we really need to know who's hiding inside of Mallory, Ryan Murphy!

Don't worry, though, the Internet has come through with their theories about these three ladies, with everyone feeling confident that they're reincarnated witches from "Coven," but which witch is which?

What Happened to Brock?

The witches weren't the only things to come in out of the cold. Earlier in the night, Billy Eichner's Brock returned just in time to join Ms. Venable's masquerade Halloween bash. He reconnected with his old flame, Coco (Leslie Grossman) and totally pulled a "rubber man" on her, not saying anything and letting her lead him all the way into the bedroom.

Alas for poor Coco, though, he didn't simply have sex with her in his bizarre get-up. Instead, he interrupted her incessant prattle just as he was unfastening his pants and plunged a knife into her forehead. Did he come there just to kill her, Ryan Murphy? That makes no sense. Or did he get mad when she was throwing herself at him, thinking he was Langdon?

And the big question is where the hell is he now? Brock can't come and go like "Rubber Man." He's an oozing flesh and radioactive blood human being, so where did he go? Is he still in the outpost? Did he flee back into the wild? We have a feeling you're not done with him yet, but it's scary to think of him lurking out there ready to kill again, Ryan Murphy!

We've got enough things to be scared of, you gotta add mutant Billy Eichner. What if he screams at us while he's trying to kill us?

Who's Going to Stay Dead?

We said this episode had a high body count, and we weren't kidding. By the end of the hour, it was basically only Langdon and Mead alive, or is that operational in the case of Mead. Venable and Mead had concocted their maddest scheme yet, poisoning the entire outpost with by loading up a batch of apples that arrived unexpectedly by carriage -- with Brock in tow -- with nasty chemicals.

We didn't necessarily need the over-the-top spewing sequence with Mr. Gallant (Evan Peters), considering no one else vomited nearly that much, but the result was the same for everyone. Happy Halloween, everyone's dead. But then Mead shot and killed Venable and we were left screaming, WTF, Ryan Murphy? You can't kill everyone already, it's only Episode 3 and we still hadn't gotten our witches.

But then they came in and dragged Dinah and Mallory and Coco together and revived them. So now we want to know, is anyone else coming back? We get that these three were their "sisters," but it seems kind of weird to just dispose of everyone else. Like, what was the point of the romance between Kyle and Emily, Ryan Murphy, if they're just dead now?

Plus, Ms. Venable is one of the coolest, most twisted -- in more ways than one -- characters you've ever created, and Sarah Paulson was killing it in that role. She deserves more than three episodes to shine. Plus, we're not gonna lie, we were kind of hoping Venable and Cordela would get to face off.

Are we going to get any face-offs between two characters played by the same actor? We noticed Gallant appear to be dead, too, before Tate shows up. Come on, Ryan Murphy, don't tease us with interactions like this and not come through. If you could handle a two-headed Paulson you can handle to different Paulsons screaming at each other.

"American Horror Story: Apocalyse" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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