8 TV News Anchors with Smokin' Hot Bods

The activist-turned-cable news star may want to rethink his interview strategy after this disaster.

Van Jones didn't win over any new fans while interviewing President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner on CNN Monday morning.

In fact, he may have lost some.

The network personality sat down with Kushner at an event called Citizen CNN, a day-long political forum featuring discussions with thought leaders and newsmakers. Viewers were immediately turned off by one of his first questions: "How did you get this job? You have like the dopest job in the world, the secretary of everything ... how did you wind up in this position?"

People considered that answer pretty obvious -- he's married to Ivanka Trump! And it was downhill from there, with many critics -- a mix of media professionals and average viewers -- faulting Jones for asking softball questions about prison reform, peace in the Middle East, working with his wife, and trusting Saudi Arabia in wake of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. One of Jones' most ridiculed questions was simply, "Are you having fun?"

"Nobody cares if Jared is 'having fun,' this interview is an embarrassment," tweeted journalist Aaron Rupar.

Some of the harshest criticism came from former CNN star Soledad O'Brien, who was so unimpressed with the interview she tweeted, "This cannot be real." She followed that up with, "Van is a terrible, fawning interviewer."

See more of the savage reactions that boosted Jones' name toward the top of the Twitter trends earlier today.

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