Jewish Hollywood Stars Feel the Pain of Tragic Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh
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And some of Trump's famous critics think the shooter is another nut job encouraged by the president's hostile rhetoric that he's been spewing since his campaign.

Jewish actors Ike Barinholtz, Lena Dunham, Josh Gad and Ben Platt are among the celebrities feeling pain and anger in wake of the tragic synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh on Saturday morning.

It was reported by TMZ and other media outlets that Robert Bowers, who is currently in custody, opened fire at Tree of Life synagogue, killing 11 and injuring six others.

His social media pages show he was anti-Semitic, writing, "Jews are the children of Satan." His last post read, "I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I'm going in." The Anti-Defamation League is calling the massacre the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in U.S. history.

It's another instance where critics of President Donald Trump believe his hostile rhetoric, encouraging his supporters to act violently toward those who oppose the "Make America Great Again" movement, may have encouraged Bowers to carry out this mass shooting.

"As an American Jew I feel nauseous," Barinholtz tweeted. "And if you support Donald Trump you should too because this shit is on YOU. IT'S YOUR FAULT. Remember that tonight as you're trying to go to sleep."

Dunham wrote, "I don't talk about my Jewish faith a lot, but it's a huge part of my life, family and heart. It is painful & tragic to see a place of prayer cleaved by bigotry & hate, yet again. Please return our shalom to us with prayers & active support of the Jewish member of your community."

Gad tweeted that he went to school in the city and had previously attended services at Tree of Life Temple.

"I don't know what to say anymore or how to say it," he wrote. "Words have clearly lost all meaning because we are doing NOTHING to stop incocent [sic] masses of people in schools, Churches and now Temples from being killed in droves."

Platt pointed out how some of the locations people attend every single day have been the places where deadly gun violence has taken place. The "Pitch Perfect" star urged his followers to vote for stricter gun laws.

"We can't go to the movies. We can't go to church," Platt tweeted. "We can't go to synagogue. We can't go to a mosque. We can't go to a concert. We can't go to school. We can't go to work. So we have to go to the polls. #GunSenseCandidates"

It wasn't just Jewish entertainers that spoke out about the tragedy. Many other celebrities took to their Twitter accounts express their frustration, sadness and sympathy for the families who lost their loved ones in this devastating attack.

See the reactions below:

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