'The Walking Dead' Deaths Ranked

Rick Grimes will sign off during Sunday's upcoming episode.

It's the end of an era on "The Walking Dead," as star Andrew Lincoln exits the series after eight and a half seasons on AMC.

While the details of how Rick Grimes will leave the show remain a mystery and will until Sunday night, AMC is already making fans cry with a video of the entire cast saying goodbye to the show's lead star.

The clip is emotional right off the bat, as Scott Wilson -- who died after filming a cameo as Hershel in Sunday's episode -- teared up while struggling to find the right words to say about his costar.

Lauren Cohan, who's also exiting the series this season, called him "one of the most kind and generous people that you could ever work with."

Echoing those sentiments, Norman Reedus said Lincoln is "one of my best friends ever," saying he has "taught me to be a better father, a better friend and better actor."

As others chimed in calling him a "giving" costar, Danai Gurira took it up a notch, saying she believes "he's the best leading man on television and I ain't worked with everybody, but I believe that." She added that he's "the sort of leader that actually is like, I want the story to open up for others."

The video ends with a message from Steve Yeun, who was killed off the show in Season 7. "I keep racking my brain to figure out something to say and every single thing kind of fails that," he said. "All I really want to say is Andy, I love you."

See how the show treats his exit Sunday on "The Walking Dead" -- then check out TooFab.com after for a full breakdown of the episode!