Julia Roberts' Best Candids Since Joining Instagram

"Are you running a child gambling ring?" Kimmel asked Guillermo.

Thank lady luck Julia Roberts didn't have to call Danny Ocean to break his kneecaps.

The "Ocean's 11" star outed Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo on national TV Thursday night, revealing he owed her two young sons a gambling debt.

After greeting Kimmel, Roberts, who was at the late-night show to promote her new TV series "Homecoming," shot a hello at Guillermo and immediately brought up the payment.

"Here I owe you five dollars," Guillermo said and Kimmel replied, "What is this all about?!"

"Is it five dollars or six dollars?" Roberts asked.

"I think it was five, but I'll give you six," Kimmel's sidekick replied.

The actress explained to Kimmel that Guillermo made bets with her sons, Finn, 13, and Henry, 11, on the World Cup. Guillermo had picked Brazil to win, while one of Roberts' boys had chosen France, who won.

"Are you running a child gambling ring?" Kimmel joked and then asked, "Wait, hold on a second, where are you guys hanging out together?"

"We were hanging out at a Taylor Swift concert," Guillermo replied.

As Kimmel and the audience began to laugh, Roberts responded, "the story just gets better and better."

"Well, bring the money over here will you?!" Kimmel told Guillermo.

Guillermo asked Roberts if she preferred the payment in singles, a five or quarters just in case she wanted to do laundry.

"That's good. A lot of times they'll send a guy to break people's legs, but in this case your son sent their mom," Kimmel said.

"Well I did call the dentist earlier," Roberts joked.

See how the whole bet went down in the clip below.

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