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Kelly asked a super fan: "Is it true that you became a lawyer — and you became gay — because of Will?"

Sean Hayes says he had to "roll with the punches" when he and his "Will & Grace" co-stars were subjected to that awkward interview on Megyn Kelly's now-axed morning talk show.

While appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" Monday night, a viewer asked what was going through Hayes' mind during the cast appearance back in September 2017.

"Oh my gosh," he replied. "That was her very first show. It struck a little chord, but I roll with the punches."

If you've forgotten, Kelly could not help but make some incredibly awkward statements that were seemingly intended as jokes during the segment from over a year ago. She asked a super fan, who she pulled onstage to meet the cast, "Is it true that you became a lawyer — and you became gay — because of Will?"

After the fan, Russel Turner, tried to shrug off the bizarre comment, Kelly ushered him from the stage declaring she thought "the gay thing is going to work out great" for him.

Since then, the conservative anchor's NBC morning show, "Megyn Kelly Today," was cancelled in the wake of Kelly's controversial comments about blackface last month.

Also, while on "WWHL" a caller then asked Hayes to weigh in on a much lighter subject. The fan asked Hayes, who has reprised his role as Jack in the "Will & Grace" revival, if the actor stole anything from the original set.

"[I had to bring] my spirit," Hayes said. "I'm kidding...the very last episode of 2006 when it ended the first time, we all got to pick something from the set and I picked a little framed photo off the wall that's kind of back towards Will's bedroom. You have to be a superfan to know what it was."

Hayes went on to participate in a hilarious game of "Will & Face" with host Andy Cohen, where he was asked to reveal secrets about Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and himself.

Cohen first asked which cast member gets "most drunk" at cast parties.

"Ah, it's a tie between Eric and Deb," Hayes replied.

"Who depends on their assistant the most?" Cohen fired next and Hayes responded, "I can't answer!"

"Really? That's so racy?" Cohen joked in response.

"The Bucket List" star answered that it was probably "the girls" -- Messing and Mullally -- that need their assistants the most.

As the game continued, Hayes was tasked with answering who is the most addicted to their phones (Mullally) and who most often picks up the dinner bill (himself).

Hayes also named himself as the one who was most likely to burst into laughter while filming a serious scene.

"Hands down me," he said. "Otherwise, I'll cry."

Watch the hilarious videos above. And if you're curious we've provided you with that awkward "Will & Grace" interview with Megyn Kelly from 2017 below.

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