How Both Dax Shepard and Ellen DeGeneres Made Kristen Bell Cry
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"The Ranch" star celebrates his birthday with "Ellen," but it's Kristen Bell who got the sweetest birthday gift, and then possibly the worst.

It was Dax Shepard's birthday for Thursday's episode of "Ellen," but it was wife Kristen Bell who seemed to get the greatest gift of all.

During a silly segment called "Ask Dr. Dax," and after "The Ranch" star helped a woman communicate her favorite and least-favorite position with her husband, Ellen DeGeneres called on another woman sitting in the audience who had a question. It was none other than his wife, Kristen Bell.

Because they are one of the most sickeningly adorable couples in the world -- just too sweet, honestly! -- Dax had her identify herself for everyone watching before she asked her question. She wanted to know what a good gift is to give someone special for their birthday.

"In the bedroom?" he joked, but she assured him that area was well covered and even got something in her eye causing something akin to a wink.

But it was his answer that actually brought both of them to tears. "I would say please, please, please give that person love and support for 11 years, give them two beautiful baby girls," he said. Then after a long pause, and as her eyes were already watering up, he added, "And you’re good."

It was such a sweet moment, Ellen really had no choice but to break it up. Love can be such a strong emotion, the best way to keep it from taking over completely (which could be quite a distraction on a talk show) is to replace it with an emotion equally as powerful.

And so she invited Kristen up to the stage to enjoy a special birthday cake she made to celebrate Dax's birthday. When it came out on top of a rather tall white box, we immediately grew suspicious. When it moved slightly, Dax immediately stepped back.

Nevertheless, the clown eruption got both him and Kristen with one of Ellen's patented scares. Kristen's face, in particular, she can add to the Scare Hall of Fame as she got "The Good Place" star real ... good. We're not sure if she replaced her love tears with fear tears, but we suspect the two just blended together.

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