'The Real' Hosts Deny Salary Dispute and Feud Rumors
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"We will tell you right here on this show if there's a issue; we will tell you on this show," Loni Love explains.

"The Real" co-hosts have denied there is any bad blood between them.

During the daytime talk show Tuesday, the ladies put the feud rumors to rest by saying that all stories claiming they are fighting over anything, including salary disputes, are completely untrue. Jeannie Mai began the conversation and voiced that she was particularly upset by the entire situation.

"One that actually hurt me is one that I read about us -- that we were feuding, and that we were walking off set because of our salaries," she said. "And let me tell you -- what I love about our unit is that the second we heard that, we immediately got on the chain and called each other."

Mai gestured toward Tamera Mowry-Housely and continued, "I left you voicemails, and video messages, because it was so important for us to make eye contact and be like, 'You good? Are you okay? This is cool, right?'"

Back in December, Daily Mail reported that Adrienne Bailon and Mai were allegedly fighting with Mowry over the fact that the "Sister, Sister" star reportedly has a higher paying salary.

"The crazy part is you almost have to ask yourself, "Who would believe this?' But sadly, people do," Bailon said. "Who would write that, who would believe that?"

Comedian Loni Love joined in and expressed that she always is honest in interviews, so if someone really wanted a story they should come to her directly or simply watch the show.

"The one thing is, is that we all have an ability to do interviews," she said. "If you've ever seen an interview from me, I tell the truth. I tell what's on my mind, sometimes I tell the truth too much, OK?"

"The same thing with these other ladies, so if you're hearing it from a source about this show, it's not, no," she continued. "Cause if it's coming from me or one of these ladies, it'll be coming from us...We will tell you right here on this show if there's a issue; we will tell you on this show."

Mowry added that she's "not afraid to speak the truth."

Mai concluded the conversation by giving a shout out to dedicated fans of the show.

"I want to give a special message to Real Fam out there, I know you're sitting on your couch and you're watching this," she said. "Every single person who knows the show and knows us, especially all of you who make your way, coming here season after season -- you know what's real and I see you when you clap back at other people for making up nonsense and you stand up for us. Thank you for being that person."

"And thank you for flagging us when we'll need to see something to come correct with it," she added. "You guys are bomb for that. That's Real Fam."

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