Wendy Williams, 'The Talk' and 'The Real' Unload on Megyn Kelly's Apology for Blackface Comments
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Williams says Kelly was "lying," while Tamera Mowry calls her comments "concerning."

Megyn Kelly didn't even get support from co-hosts on her own network after defending the use of blackface for Halloween costumes, so you can only imagine the field day other morning shows had with the controversy.

On Wednesday, Kelly began her show by apologizing for comments she made the previous day, saying she didn't fully understand the history of blackface before and admitting she was "wrong" for defending it.

Let's just say some of her fellow morning hosts weren't buying it.

Before her televised statement, Kelly had expressed regret in an e-mail sent around NBC. Al Roker called her out on "TODAY" this morning too, saying she "owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country." Craig Melvin added, "She said something stupid, she said something indefensible."

On her own show, Wendy Williams and guest Al Sharpton both criticized Kelly for her comments as well.

"Wrong. You cannot take away the history about what blackface meant," Sharpton said of her original statements. "It was used to denigrate, it was used for hate. You do not use Halloween or anything else to try and play into stereotypes."

After playing her apology for her studio audience, Williams then called BS. "Excuse me. This is such a basic thing for such an educated woman to know. She was lying," said Wendy. "She had a whole bunch of black people in the audience. I guess they got a bottle of Gold Bond!"

While Sharpton called it a "teaching moment for the whole entertainment world," Williams said it was "just shocking when it comes from such an educated woman with such a prime spot."

Over on "The Real," the co-hosts there were all disappointed as well.

"Someone's culture is never okay to be your costume. Ever," said Jeannie Mai. "And Megyn Kelly, I know you apologized, I hear you, but the thing is, if you brand yourself a reporter, I think it's really important that you still stay educated about the issues that are happening today."

"Like, what happened to Paula Deen, what happened to Julianne Hough, did that go over your head?" she continued. "Culture and society are still shifting and I talk a lot about moral duty at this table, it is our moral duty right now to educate ourselves on racist archetypes. It's not okay anymore to say I didn't know, you can't say that anymore, ever."

Loni Love joked Kelly was probably checked by "Jamal the intern" after getting off set and back in her office.

"Blackface was something of a caricature for black people, they exaggerated our features, it mocked us, it was a really sad time in American history," she continued. "When people say, 'I wanna be Diana Ross,' you can be Diana Ross, you just don't have the be the brown Diana Ross. You the white Diana Ross." **

Tamera Mowry** said Kelly's comments were "concerning" because of her age. "It's 2018 and she didn't understand what blackface means," she continued. "I remember learning that ... I learned it in American history and it was not a good thing."

Love added that Kelly doesn't get to decide what's insensitive to the black community. "If I'm black and I'm telling you it's wrong and it's hurtful to me, can you respect me?" she asked.

"The Talk" discussed her apology as well.

"I'm not going to get in her head, I think what she said about blackface was totally ignorant, that I'm sure of," said guest host Meredith Vieira. "I can't believe at 47 she didn't know that, I feel like we all know that and even to say, as long as it's respectful, it's okay. Since when has blackface ever been respectful?"

Sheryl Underwood said it was "dangerous" that Kelly has a daily platform for those views. "Listen to me, all white people don't say stupid stuff," she added, "but when you got the white panel and three out of four white people aren't cosigning what you're saying, Megyn, you need to let it go."

"You would just hope she would known better by working in the news for so many years," added Sharon Osbourne.

Sara Gilbert added that while Kelly's comments were disappointing, she hoped those who may have agreed with them yesterday may have a change of heart as well.

Surprisingly, "The View" didn't touch the topic.

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