Canceled or Renewed: The Fate of Every TV Show In 2019 (So Far)

The entire "Big Bang Theory" cast assembled for "Ellen" Thursday where they talked about the show's impact and rising emotions as they near the end of their 12-year run.

After 12 seasons, "The Big Bang Theory" is coming to an end and with only a few episodes left to film, the cast dropped by "Ellen" where they talked about just how emotional it's getting.

There were plenty of laughs and jokes throughout the interview, but also a sense of melancholy in how long this has been a part of their lives and knowing that their time together will soon be over. For one cast-member, just thinking about it is enough to bring the waterworks.

Kaley Cuoco, who wasn't yet 21 years old when they filmed the pilot, admitted that she's been the biggest crybaby so far about the show ending. "If anyone hugs me about it, I cry," she said, recalling how she randomly burst into tears during a scene with Johnny Galecki.

But while Cuoco can't seem to stop crying about this chapter of her life ending, one member of the cast has yet to shed a tear, though they fear their time is coming.

"I haven’t cried yet," admitted Jim Parsons, whose desire to move on precipitated the end of the series this season. "I have a very deep fear, seriously, that the most unexpected thing is going to happen -- I’m going to absolutely lose my shit."

Galecki doesn't think the reality of the show coming to an end has quite sunk in yet. For one thing, they're still actively filming those final episodes.

"It still feels hypothetical," he said. "Like I think come the end of this coming summer when we would generally be about to come back, that’s when it will hit."

"When we’ll be unemployed, we’ll really begin to feel it," joked Kunal Nayyar.

No one could quite grasp the enormity of this show they've been a part of. Like "Friends" and "Seinfeld" before them, "The Big Bang Theory" is a show that grasped virtually the entire nation for a time, with the cast and their characters becoming household names.

An argument could be made that this may well be the last sitcom capable of achieving this level of success, fame and stardom, peaking at 20 million viewers for the 2015-16 season. With the continuing fracturing of television during this "peak" age, commonality of viewership is quickly eroding as people are overwhelmed with choices.

But even beyond the impact of their ratings numbers -- and they have truly dominated in syndication -- the cast is touched by the role their show has played in a far more important aspect of the world around them.

"I think for all of us it feels really especially impactful that not only can we bring people joy and make them laugh, but we also are putting a different face on science and scientists," Mayim Bialik said. "We have a scholarship fund, a ‘Big Bang Theory’ scholarship fund."

The fund at UCLA supports five students annually and is a part of the outreach and influence of the show on young people in how they feel about science.

Sure, Leonard and Howard and Koothrappali and Sheldon are geeks, but they've somehow helped to make "geek" kind of cool, encouraging more young people to expand their minds into the sciences.

Ellen decided to test the cast's minds while she had them, separating them by gender and asking them a series of trivia questions which they had to answer before a balloon popped. The match was incredibly well-balanced with such stumpers as identifying the oldest Kardashian sister and all four "Golden Girls."

Check out the competition and see who won in this battle of the sexes in the video below:

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