Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna and Teddi Mellencamp Shade the Hell Out of Lisa Vanderpump on 'WWHL'
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Almost every single caller on Thursday's show was hoping Kyle, Rinna and Teddi would spill all kinds of tea on LVP. Luckily, they did.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fans: We have your tea, and it's piping hot.

Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna and Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave stopped by "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" Thursday night, where they shaded the hell out of their estranged castmate, Lisa Vanderpump.

Vanderpump has been vocal about her frustrations with shooting Season 9, which her equally frustrated castmates have chalked up to her diva-like attitude. And by the sounds of it, things are still quite rocky.

Kyle -- who's had a very tumultuous relationship with both Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, over the years -- actually seemed a bit sad over her falling out with the pair. She also called the last time she spoke with either of them "a disaster" and said she thinks they have her blocked.

"The last time I spoke with either Lisa or Ken was when I was at their house and we went to have a talk and it ended up being a disaster, which you see in the trailer for the season," she explained. "I think when you're kicked out of someone's house -- it was really strange for me because I'm so close with them."

"I haven't spoken [to them] yet," she added. "I've sent a text, an email, but I don't know if I'm blocked or supposedly blocked? But yeah, that's the last time we spoke, unfortunately."

Another inquiring mind asked Rinna, "Since Vanderpump said you were not as engaged last season, how much more engaged will you be this season?"

"I am more engaged this season in a way that I guess Vanderpump's probably not gonna like," the loose-lipped queen of QVC quipped. "I mean, careful what you wish for!"

A third caller asked Teddi why she decided to post a photo to Instagram showing that Vanderpump had used a stand-in for their cast photo this year.

"To be shady, really!" Teddi admitted. She laughed, Kyle laughed, Rinna laughed and the audience erupted in cheers.

"That is called taking accountability for your actions," Andy joked. Rinna added, "So owning it!"

Andy then asked the ladies who they thought LVP was referring to in the trailer when she said, "I'm not gonna say what a f--king bitch she was."

Kyle stepped up and said, "Well, none of us know [for sure], but I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say it's probably gonna be me."

Andy followed that up with, "Who was the biggest mean girl this season?"

All three ladies' eyes bulged as Rinna cleared her throat. After a bit of an awkward silence, Kyle stepped up once again. "Well, I think that -- um -- I don't know if 'mean girl' is the right word, but obviously we had an issue with Lisa Vanderpump," she said. "I don't think anybody was mean. That's not the right word, but that's been at the heart of what's happened between all of us that caused a lot of the problems."

We have lots to look forward to when Season 9 premieres on Tuesday, including the return of Bunnygate! When a caller asked Rinna if she had any kind of relationship with Kyle's sister, Kim Richards, Rinna said, "Well, I have seen Kim, and I think that you have to watch the show. The last time I had seen Kim was at the reunion when I got the bunny back, so you're gonna have to watch the show."

Pot-stirrer Andy -- who likely already knows the answers to all his questions -- swooped in to ask if the bunny comes up in conversation when Rinna and Kim meet face to face.

"What do you think?" she replied with a smile.

See what LVP told TooFab about her experience with shooting Season 9 in the video below.

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