'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

Jenelle's texts to producers are exposed after she refuses to film, before Barbara accuses her daughter's husband of "keeping her like a prisoner."

Jenelle Evans didn't even appear on Monday night's new episode of "Teen Mom 2," but the drama surrounding her relationship with husband David Eason was still at the forefront of the show.

Jenelle's mother, Barbara, was seen venting to one of the show's producers about the attitude she's been getting from her daughter lately. "Where the hell is this coming from?" she asked, as the two had been getting along quite well this season.

The source of tension, according to Barbara: David.

"She's mad because David was fired from MTV," Barbara explained, referring to the network taking a stand against Eason after he used homophobic and transphobic language. "Why you blaming the whole world for that, it's nobody's fault but his own."

Barbara also believed her daughter was feeling even more stress after a 911 call she made, in which she accused David of assaulting her, was made public. Evans later downplayed the incident on the show, saying they were arguing, but it was all a "drunk misunderstanding."

"I think it's the call, people are calling her out on it and people are saying what happened and she doesn't know how to turn that around," Barbara added.

Later in the episode, Jenelle was supposed to come to Jace's soccer game to film with her mother, but production was halted when David showed up with her. The show refused to shoot anything involving David and, according to a slate, "Jenelle refused to film anything else." MTV then showed the text messages she allegedly sent producers reading, "YOU ARE RUINING MY F--KING LIFE. Stay out of it," "Don't text me ever again" and "Talk to my lawyer. I'm done talking to you."

Barbara continued to film on her own the next day, where she had an emotional conversation with the family's security guard, Andre.

"Jenelle, she doesn't want to film anymore, because anytime she makes a commitment to film, all of a sudden David starts a fight with her and she can't film because if she films, she's going to be in trouble when she gets home," Barbara alleged.

"I told her, I said look Jenelle, this is your job, you've been doing this for 10 years," she continued. "It's not his show, it's your show. I said, he's not even working, what are you gonna do if you lose this show, you're gonna lose everything you have. She's gonna be homeless."

Choking up as she spoke, Barbara then said she was "very worried" about her daughter. "I think he's hurting her and he's just keeping her ... I can see it, it's a domestic violence thing and he's keeping her like a prisoner," she then accused, "She can't even leave the house."

The episode ended with Jenelle's mother saying "maybe she needs to lose everything, maybe if she loses everything she can walk away from him."

While Jenelle was MIA this week, a teaser for next Monday's episode shows she'll be back. At one point she says, "Stay the f--k away from me, I'm done."

"Teen Mom 2" airs Mondays on MTV.