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It's like stepping back in time as Meyers takes his place behind the "Weekend Update" and welcomes Forte and Sudeikis' classically stupid reverse band Jon Bovi.

Seth Meyers treated "Late Night" fans to a "Saturday Night Live" flashback today with an all-new retro sketch originally cut from "Weekend Update."

In his "Second Chances" segment, the former "SNL" head writer thought it might be fun to revive some sketches that didn't make it to air for one reason or another during his time on "Saturday Night Live." In this case that was a guest segment featuring former cast-members Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis.

But rather than try to recreate it with his own team, or even just by himself, Meyers staged a mini-"SNL" reunion by inviting both Forte and Sudeikis back and it was like we'd stepped back in time. Meyers as at his usual spot behind the "Weekend Update" desk.

He then introduced his guests, who came wheeling in on chairs as they always do. And it was totally Forte and Sudeikis' ridiculous opposite band characters, Jon Bovi. Now this was a so-bad-it-becomes-funny-again sketch when they first appeared, and they made several appearances during their time on the show.

The whole premise of the band is that they flip the lyrics of Bon Jovi songs, as in turing "Livin' on a Prayer" into "Dyin' on a Prayer." And if that sounds absolutely terrible, you're not wrong. And yet there is something compelling in their commitment to this so very stupid premise for a band.

In this case, they even expanded beyond just Bon Jov parodies to tackle other bands and destroy their songs in the same way.

Oddly enough, the funniest part of the whole thing might be when they're counting themselves into the song and Forte messes it up in some odd way. The chemistry between the two men is half the fun, and they really play off each other well here.

The other highlight has to be the incredibly pregnant pause after Forte drops this little non sequitur out of nowhere: "I used to be an eighth Jewish. I lost it after I was circumcised last year. I gave the rabbi a nice tip."

The meaningful look Sudeikis gave Meyers and held for so long was everything. Check out all their ridiculous songs, and how they made them all Christmas-themed, in the video above.

Then, stick around for the after-show to a cut "SNL" sketch as Fred Armisen joins Meyers, Forte and Sudeikis to break down the sketch and answer all the burning questions you never had about the sketch in the first place. Yes, this is real and you can watch it all go down below.

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