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Busy admits she didn't quite think the whole thing through as it somehow never crossed her mind Jenna might be terrified to find a person inside the box.

Busy Philipps thought she was doing something sweet by staging a surprise "The Office" mini-reunion for guest Jenna Fischer's birthday Tuesday night, but it turned into an "Ellen"-worthy scare instead.

The host staged the bit because Fischer's birthday is coming up soon and she wanted to treat her to something unique and special. And so she had Fischer's cast-mates from "The Office" send along unique gifts and had a little fun seeing if Jenna could guess who sent what.

Some of them were pretty obvious, like Ed Helms sending a banjo. "Happy birthday to you, here's my own hobby, I guess," Busy laughed at the gift.

A jar of raisin crisps got Jenna thinking back to her time on the show. "This is Ellie Kemper," she knew right away. "They had these on set and she and I ate about four boxes of them."

That feeling of nostalgia was still with her when Busy brought her over to the largest box and let her start to open it. But even Busy couldn't fathom how terrified Jenna would be to find her former boss at Dunder-Mifflin, Steve Carell himself, inside of it.

"We got you Steve Carell," Busy laughed as Jenna tried to regain her composure.

Hilariously, later in the show Busy had a confession to make. "I hate being scared and I don't love scaring people and so I apologize," she said. "I didn't think that through."

She also apologized to Steve, suggesting that he might just have spent the entire show in that box listening to the ladies chat about Jenna's obsession with bread and all the other things they discussed.

"I wasn't expecting a human being to be in the box, and then on top of that, I was not expecting that human to be Steve," Jenna said.

Looking back and forth, Busy couldn't help but think about all the clamoring for a reunion of "The Office," but also could totally read the room. After bringing it up, she looked at the former co-stars and said, "Is this it?"

For now, that is about all fans can look forward to, is little encounters like this. That's not to say a door won't open some day for a revival special, mini-series or even series.

If the casts of "Roseanne" and "Will & Grace" and even "Murphy Brown" can reunite after years doing other projects, we'll never say never on any reunion.

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