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"What's up with that look, Mel? Are you even trying? I thought you were Scary Spice, not terrifying," La La rapped.

Mel B may be a Spice Girl, but La La Anthony has some major flavor.

During an epic episode of "Drop the Mic" Wednesday night, the "America's Got Talent" judge and "Power" star battled it out and trashed each other's careers and love lives. While Mel B (a.k.a Scary Spice) is the musician, La La absolutely destroyed her, spitting witty and incredible rhymes.

The former "TRL" VJ started hot from the getgo: "It's important that I say one thing off the bat. Mel B is an icon, I'll admit that. Spice Girls were huge, had hits so consistent, but you were nothing more than Victoria's assistant." La La added, "What's up with that look, Mel? Are you even trying? I thought you were Scary Spice, not terrifying."

The actress even went after Mel's recent memoir "Brutally Honest." "Your book 'Brutally Honest' was one for the ages," La La rapped. "I feel bad for the tree that they killed for those pages. And now you're a judge. They gotta be buggin. America's got talent, but apparently, England doesn't!"

The audience went wild at the last burn. Host Hailey Baldwin even laughed and said, "Are you kidding?!" But Mel took the jab like a champ and said, "I'll give you that one."

However, Mel didn't let La La get all the glory. Rather than just trashing her opponent, Mel went after La La's husband, NBA player Carmelo Anthony. "Your husband went to Houston to play basketball to clean the lockers of James Harden and Chris Paul and now you're on 'Power,' but when push comes to shove, you'll always just be the host on 'Flavor of Love.'"

"It's funny that 50 Cent signs all your paychecks," Mel added. "I saw the show and fifty cents is all you should get."

In response, La La said she didn't want to have to take it to another level, but she had to because Mel was "pushing" her.

"You dated Eddie Murphy and then you got dumped," La La quipped. "You couldn't even get to first base with Sherman Klump. You're the Spice Girl that no one respects, I guarantee Posh and Becks don't even answer your texts."

"And a reunion tour, what's that all about? Do all of your fans get a senior citizens discount?" she added. "You made a song called 'Wannabe,' back then it was true. But nowadays no one would want to be you."

Although Mel clapped back with some solid digs, La La was named the winner by Method Man. And from the audience's reaction, she won by a landslide.

Check out the full battle in the clip above.

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